Do you know the power of product colour?

Every day decisions are made based on colours, choosing what clothes we are going to wear, what accessories to team them with, the colour of our hair, how to decorate the home, even buying a car. We make lots of decisions based on colour. When setting up a new business you choose colours to represent the business; I chose purple to represent Mummy Matters and even though my logo has changed over time I have stuck with purple because it’s a colour which people will associate with me and my blog.

What is the power of Product Colour?

Do you know the power of product colour? Choosing the right colour can mean so much more than just whether it’s your favourite colour as you can see from this infographic below.

4imprint Power of Product Colour

See the full infographic here.

Colour Inequality?

In a time when a hot topic of conversation is making more products gender neutral it was found that many products which are aimed at females cost more because of their colour but the interesting fact is that both male and female’s preferred product colour is blue. Check it out next time you are shopping for items which have colours aimed at boys and girls to see if you can spot the divide in the prices – cheeky isn’t it?!

I’ve been considering colours a lot recently as I made the decision to have our house assessed by a Feng Shui Consultant and colour plays a large role in Feng Shui with different colours having different meanings and different effects of our home, our luck and our feelings. Do you ever wear something and notice how energised you always feel in it whereas other items just make you feel drab or invisible. I know I have tops like that and they are now in a bag to go to the charity shop.

How to use colour in your business

Look at the successful brands that you know, think of the colours used in their logo and uniforms. Virgin (red), BT(blue), M&S (dark green) or Apple (white). It’s certainly worth considering what colours offer the best energy for your business before designing your logo. Once you have chosen the colour for your logo to represent your business you need to continue the main colour through to other aspects such as polo shirts for the staff to make them feel like a team and instantly recognisable to customers, letterhead, colour accents in your business premises and on business cards. It all helps to cement the business as one in a persons mind.

General Energy of Colours

Yellow – Stimulates the logical left side of the brain and good for passing on factual information. It is also good for promoting conversation, sociability and family harmony.

Orange – A prime communication and mediation colour.

Light Green – Good for growth, new ideas and a fresh approach.

Dark Green – Denotes long nurtured traditions.

Blue – Good for communication, peace and relaxation.

Dark Blue – Good for safety, security and authority.

Red – A powerful colour for energy and drive.

Dark Red – The colour of the already successful.

Pink – The colour of love.

Purple – Creative and innovative, good for bringing ideas to fruition.

Lilac – Promotes spiritual healing and psychic awareness.

Brown – Good for rustic homeliness.

Black – Absorbs information.

White – Clean and clear cut with no emotional baggage. Sets an example.

What colour represents you?

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