Kids Style #1 – me&i

As you know we are lucky enough to have been asked to be me&i blog friends this year, and it’s something we are very proud of. I particularly love their bright colours and individual style, I think their Swedish roots are quite noticeable.

Kids Style#1 - me&i This time around it was Little Bean who was able to choose herself some trendy new togs and I was secretly delighted with her choice as it is exactly what I would have gone for if I were choosing for her. Incidentally, at what age did you begin to allow your children to choose their own clothing? I don’t let them make ALL the decisions but I have found that I am wasting a lot less money since I began to let them have options when buying new clothes. I pick out one or two outfits I would be happy for them to have and then let them have the final decision and we are all happy. Since doing this I have noticed that they are wearing much more items from their wardrobes and they are getting pretty good at putting outfits together.

Kids Style#1 - me&i

The Flow Strap dress is a lovely 60’s inspired sun dress made from a 100% cotton comfortable rib. It is knee length A-line style with narrow straps and can be worn alone or with leggings, tights or these slim sweatpants like Little Bean wore since it was a cool evening. The slim sweatpants feature back pockets and double-fabric reinforced knees as well as an adjustable waist which is a must with my rather slender young lady. At the moment they are very long on her so we have turned up the bottoms but this is great because it means they will last her for a long time. Best of all, they are made from super soft Italian fleece which is 96% cotton 4% elastane so Little Bean loves how comfortable they are against her skin.

Kids Style#1 - me&i

Outfit Cost

Flow Strap Dress £20   Slim Sweatpants £19


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