Tips For Keeping Your Horse Warm During Winter

Even though horses have an exceptional capacity to endure the icy winter conditions, just like people, they require additional attention during this time of year to ensure that they remain warm and healthy. You can accomplish that goal in a few ways as a horse owner. Continue reading to learn more about how each of these can assist in keeping your horse warm during winter months.

5 Ways to Keep Your Horse Warm During the Winter

Keeping Your Horse Warm
Keeping Your Horse Warm During Winter

Your horse can maintain a body temperature that allows it to spend most of its time outside if provided with the appropriate amount of feed, drink, exercise, shelter, rug, or blanket.

1. Use an Exercise Rug

Your horse does not need to stop getting exercise just because it is winter. It must participate in regular exercise and workouts to maintain optimum health and guarantee that it will be in the best shape possible when the rising temperatures arrive in the springtime. The best way to keep your horse warm during training is with Kentucky’s exercise rugs. These are ideal for keeping clipped horses warm.

2. Provide Adequate Shelter

The dense winter coat of a horse is its natural defence against the cold, acting as insulation by keeping body heat close to the surface. Nevertheless, cold or showers and the animal getting can compromise the insulating capabilities of the horse. Provide your pastured horses with a suitable shelter for cover so that they have somewhere to take refuge on days when it is raining or snowing.

3. Feed

Keeping Your Horse Warm
Feeding your horse in Winter

Keeping warm requires a lot of energy, even for humans, and getting the right nutrition is one way of beating the cold. Many horses expend additional energy over the winter to maintain their body temperature, leading to weight loss. Even though its dense winter coat and a cushion of fat underneath help shield the cold, keeping your horse fed and providing additional food is essential. Feed heavy in fiber, such as hay, can help with more heat production.

4. Hydrate

No matter how cold it gets, ice and snow won’t provide your horses with enough water to keep them healthy. Maintaining your horse’s hydration levels throughout the winter is crucial for keeping him warm. It is important to ensure that the water for your horses does not become frozen when the temperature drops beyond freezing. Invest in a water heater if you live where it frequently freezes throughout the winter.

5. Quality Grooming

When the horse goes outside during winter, it uses the oils in its coat to keep itself dry and warm. A drop in its normal body temperature, accompanied by shivering, can lead to energy loss and, perhaps, weight loss. If you take the time to give him thorough grooming, you’ll be able to tend to his feet and assess his overall health. You can also feel your horse’s condition and ensure he’s not too skinny.

Wrapping Up

Winter horse
Keeping Your Horse Warm During Winter

Train horses to tolerate the cold winter days, but don’t prevent them from going outside and exercising outdoors. During the colder months, horses will remain comfortable and content if they have adequate shelter, a supply of hot water to drink, increased feed, and a good rug to cover them appropriately.

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