Just call me Chef!

image After writing “can cook, won’t cook” in a few too many posts for my liking I decided to actually giving REAL cooking a go this week and I have been quite impressed with my efforts and even more impressed with the results. I have been cooking the family meals Monday to Friday for quite some time now but when you bear in mind that Little Bean hasn’t been eating hot meals and Beanie Boy is only just starting to eat our food, I haven’t exactly had lots of cooking to do, just something for my Mum (who has tea with me and the children before going home) and then Hubby when he gets home from work later in the evening. I’ve been doing a lot of the ‘easy’ foods, spaghetti bolognese, pie and vegetables, fish and chips, pizza – nothing overly healthy and nothing very taxing. But this week I decided enough was enough, we couldn’t carry on eating this rubbish so at the weekend I pulled out one of my many gorgeous, pristine cookbooks and selected a few recipes I fancied having a dabble at and wrote my shopping list accordingly.

On Tuesday I made a scrumptious Cottage Pie with vegetables, on Wednesday I made delicious Chicken and Leek Stroganoff and last night I made my first ever soup, a very warming Leek and Potato (because I didn’t use as many leeks as I thought I would on Wednesday!!) and they have all been really tasty. The thing that has surprised me the most is how they haven’t taken hours of preparation, they have all been relatively quick and easy but far more wholesome than the usual food I serve up.

It is now my intention to work my way through a few more of my recipe books and see if I can find a few more dishes to tempt me. Who knows, maybe one day you can call me Chef!

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  1. The leek and potato soup sounds like a lovely idea as it’s quite a simple dish to do when you know how. Leek and potato soup is my favourite flavour soup. So easy for children to eat aswell 🙂

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