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image You might have noticed quite a trend with the Wii games in the Mummy Matters household, we love to dance whether it be just for fun or for actual exercise. I previously had the opportunity to review Zumba Fitness and yesterday I was lucky enough to receive Zumba Fitness 2 to review. I haven’t had time to give it a whirl yet, I’ve been too busy cleaning but I will definitely be giving it a run for it’s money over the weekend and I will report back to you next week. But if you don’t want to wait to find out what I think to it, you can get your own copy because it goes on sale TODAY!!

Why not check out the trailer below to see what’s in store for you . . .

Zumba has become such a massive hit that there are already more than 3 million players who are enjoying the Zumba Fitness interactive video game workout. Zumba Fitness 2 has lots of new features and improvements to help you gain that new physique you’ve been dreaming about whilst having lots of fun in the process.

  • 32 new routines and music tracks from the likes of Pitbull, Nicole Scherzinger, Yolanda B Cool and DCup.
  • Celebrity Zumba instructors Tanya Beardsley, Gina Grant and Beto are on screen as 3D models to me it feel like you’re taking part in a real Zumba class and to guide you through the routines.
  • 20 different dance styles ranging from Merengue to Samba and Cumbia as well as new additions Axe, Indian, Latin Pop, Bellydance and Pasodoble.
  • Different game modes: Single Song, Zumba Class, Zumba Party and Learn the Steps.
  • Don’t like what your 3D instructor is wearing? No problem, just change their outfit.
  • NEW video cueing system makes it easier for new players to follow the choreography.
  • NEW progress tracker allows you to follow stats from your game play, tells you how many calories you have burned, trophies you’ve earned, overall rank, technique score and more.
  • Tutorial modes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced routines.


Get your copy here!


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