I’ve got Whooping Cough!

My GP recently shared a tidbit with me that I found both intriguing and, frankly, a bit daunting. Whooping Cough, it turns out, was historically known as the ‘100 day cough’, which is a pretty accurate descriptor considering it can last that long. So, it looks like I might be dealing with this for another 2-3 months – oh, the joy! But hey, there’s always a silver lining, right?

whooping cough

Amidst this not-so-cheerful news, my GP did offer a glimmer of hope, especially for those long, troublesome nights. Since cough medicines are off the table for me, and drinks – whether cold or warm – only seem to exacerbate my cough, I was eager for any advice. Here’s the interesting part: he suggested that during a coughing spell, I should try holding my breath for a whole minute. It sounds a bit unconventional, but he assured me that if I stick with this technique for a week, I should start seeing a reduction in the frequency and intensity of my coughing fits. My fingers are tightly crossed on this one!

While it’s no magic cure, I’m willing to try just about anything to ease this persistent cough. So here’s to hoping that this little piece of advice is the trick I need to find some relief. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress – stay tuned!

Facts I have gathered about Whooping Cough;

  • It is more common in adults than in children
  • Adults do not necessarily make the “whooping” noise because their airways are larger than infants.
  • It is only a serious illness for infants
  • Immunization only lasts for 10 years
  • Most patients with whooping cough look well and can go for hours without coughing; they show no physical signs of illness.
  • It is dangerous to catch during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy because there is an increased risk of passing it on to your newborn.
  • There is little you can do to relieve the symptoms
  • The vaccination is now being offered to women who are between 28 and 38 weeks of pregnancy.

5 thoughts on “I’ve got Whooping Cough!”

  1. You poor thing, whilst I have never had whooping cough I do end up with a nasty cough when I have had a cold. My doctor had said that there is nothing to take that will work but I have found that Rowntrees fruit gums really do help if you are having a coughing fit, I hope it helps you too.

  2. Chocolate! Numerous studies have shown sucking a piece of chocolate is as effective as some cough medicines…also, don’t let the air get too dry (hard if you’ve got the heating on, I know) Use a humidifier or steam to add some moisture to the air (when babies got whooping cough, the recognised treatment was to run a hot bath so the room steamed up and sit in the steamy room with them – obviously far away from the hot water!) Feel better x

    • I love it when someone tells me I NEED to eat chocolate, I hate to let my readers down so I have been a good girl and bought the biggest bar of Cadbury’s Bubbles I can find 🙂

      Funnily enough I do always feel better in the shower but I think I would be a bit water logged if I stayed in there all day 😉

  3. Oh dear – just what you don’t need with your busy schedule! Hope you get better very soon but make sure you rest when you can, you need to look after yourself – so don’t forget that 🙂 Big hugs xxx

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