Its Christmas at Poundland

Since becoming a Mummy Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning, as you grow up its never as exciting as it was when you were a child until children come into your life. Now I get excited just like I did when I was a little girl because I want to make it magical for them. With Curly we only get to celebrate on Christmas Day with him every other year, although I guess you could say we are lucky because we get two Christmas days on the year that he is with his Mum because this year he will be spending Boxing Day with us so we get to do it all over again.

One of the things that I love the most about getting ready for Christmas is putting up the decorations. Before Children I would wait until the week before Christmas to get trimmed up but now we do it the first week of December to kick off the festivities nice and early. The children have their own Christmas tree in the playroom, a big white one which they decorate with all bright coloured trimmings and they love it. We were sent a selection of Christmas decorations from Poundland which will fit perfectly with their theme so they will be really excited when they see them in a few week’s time.

Poundland There are so many bits and pieces that you can pick up at Poundland for Christmas, be it decorations, stocking fillers and a few great gifts to boot and of course all at very affordable prices. We will be getting a pack of these Make Your Own Mini Crackers – I love doing crafts with the children, it helps to get them into the spirit of things as well as keeping them amused for an afternoon.

Poundland Poundland Poundland

Bought all your presents? Then you’ll need lots of gift wrap!

Poundland Poundland Poundland

Decorations for every colour scheme

Poundland Poundland Poundland

Having a cosy Christmas for two? How about these to create a romantic feel to Christmas Dinner?

Poundland Poundland  Poundland

Having a party? Then you’ll need some festive tableware!

   Poundland  Poundland Poundland

Great stocking fillers for the lady of the house?

Poundland Poundland Poundland

Stocking fillers for him?

Poundland Poundland Poundland

Something for the children?

Oh sorry, did I forget to mention the price? Everything is £1!!!

For these and many many more, just pop along to your local Poundland or have a look at their online catalogue, there’s something for everyone.

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  1. Hehe, we always have a visit to Poundland on our Christmas shopping trip! It’s so great for stocking fillers and secret Santas! oh and that wreath actually looks lovely too! Will have to check out this year’s stock!

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