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Isn’t it a bit early for a summer cold?

Sterimar Baby With all the rain we were having just lately you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was still Winter woudn’t you? (Well, if you don’t count the last few days of glorious sunshine). For the past 4 weeks our household has been plagued with a horrible cough, just as one person got rid of it the next one started. Then last week we all seemed reasonably healthy – hooray – or so we thought, as this week brings a cold for Little Bean, Beanie Boy and I but surely it’s too early for a summer cold? I suppose it could be hayfever although I haven’t really suffered with hayfever for the last few years and none of us seem to have itchy eyes?

So are we letting it get us down? Are we heck! We have Sterimar on our side and it’s working a treat. Of course we are still waking up feeling a little worse for wear but once we have all had a spray in our nostrils the congestion eases, the runny noses stop and we are free to get on with our day. The great thing about Sterimar in comparison to other nasal sprays is that you can spray it as often and as many times as you feel the need. It is 100% natural so it won’t harm your baby to use it whenever you feel they need it but it WILL make a difference.

We’re hoping for sunshine again tomorrow because we aren’t going to sit around and mope, we’re going to have a fun family day out. What will you be doing?

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