Is Your Home Experiencing A Plumbing Leak?

There are all sorts of plumbing issues you can have. They can range from stubborn clogs to your water heater going out, but none are more annoying than plumbing leaks. These can range from big to small, but they undoubtedly have many connotations we could do without. When it’s a slow leak, it may be difficult to determine where it is. When it’s massive, we may fight hard to fix it so that our homes don’t become more damaged. Many homeowners actually have leaks and aren’t aware of them. Whether the signs are hard to read or the leak is so small it’s hard to find, either could be the problem.

Is Your Home Experiencing A Plumbing Leak?
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Signs of a Leak

The best way to fight against leaks is to recognise the signs. Some are easier to identify than others, but it’s good to know a few things to look for. Take a look at some of the most recognisable signs of a water leak.

  • Higher than the average water bill
  • Hearing water flowing (but you’re not using any water)
  • Noticeable puddles
  • Staining on drywall
  • Soggy yard

It would be imperative to note that you could have a water leak in one of two lines. Your home features a wastewater line and a clean water line. Each of these will present differently if there is a leak. For example, a soggy yard could be an example of a sewer line leak or a water line leak. But, when you combine a soggy yard with one that is producing vibrant green grass, you can bet this is actually your sewer line having a problem. But for all intents and purposes, being able to recognize the league sooner will allow you to call a leak detection company in Miami.

What Can Be Done?

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The first line of defence against plumbing leaks is contacting amarillo tx plumbers for assistance. This will drastically reduce the damage that can be done because of leaking pipes. You should contact your plumber as soon as you recognise any of the signs above. Even if you’re not 100% sure, it can’t hurt you to call in the pros.

The Test

The first thing your plumber will want to do is run a leak detection test. During this exam, the plumber will insert an inline camera throughout your plumbing pipe. He will then look for any signs of corrosion or pinhole leaks. This process may take a while as there’s no knowing where exactly a leak is unless it’s extremely noticeable.


Once the plumber has identified the leak site, a plan of action will take place to fix the problem. This could range from patching the pinhole to replacing plumbing pipes. In sewer situations, they may recommend a sleeve to stop the leak and restore flow properly. It’s vital to get repair sooner rather than later to stop the leak. When the leak is happening to your clean water lines, it can increase your water bill. Not only is this annoying, but it’s also a waste of water. When the leak is happening on the sewer line, it could cause your sewer line to back up into your home.

Is Your Home Experiencing A Plumbing Leak? 1

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