Is Daily Parental Help with Homework Helpful?

Many parents like to get involved in the academics of their children, as they feel responsible and obliged for their grades or their academic performance in school overall. Therefore, it’s pretty common for parents to help their children with homework. In case a subject is too complex, such as math, some parents prefer to hire a tutor for their child, as they don’t want to compromise on the quality of education. Nowadays, finding a good tutor is not that hard. For instance, you can easily find a great maths tutor in Perth while you live in Canberra and help your child beat math phobia. If you are thinking about whether you, as a parent, should help your children with homework or not. Keep reading this article!

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Criticism of Parental Homework Help 

As much as parents like to support their children in academics, they often put off articles that talk about the reasons parents shouldn’t help their children with homework or talk about the consequences of helping children with homework.   

To be honest, this is not entirely true, as long as you are not doing your children’s assignments or school projects on their behalf.

Some researches show that children who don’t get help from their parents with homework are more likely to fall behind in class and fail exams as opposed to the ones who get regular help from their parents.

What Are the Benefits of Parents Helping their Children with Homework?

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If all the criticism is baseless, then you may be wondering how does daily parental help with homework benefits both parents and children. Although the pros are innumerable, we’ve jotted down a few of them below.

Helps Children to Stay Organised

Most children procrastinate, and they are not to blame either, as they really don’t know how to balance their social and academic life at such a young age.

Parents can keep track of all their homework, assignments, and classwork, and they can make a study plan for their children to allow them to get done with their school work as early as possible. This allows students to hang out with their friends and have lots of free time without stressing out about school.  

Improves Class Participation

Children who don’t get any help with their homework are more likely to not participate in class and engage with teachers because of their low self-esteem.

Parents helping their children with homework provide better knowledge and concepts to their children related to a topic as compared to a teacher who has to take care of several students at once.

This can make students feel confident about their capabilities, and therefore, they will tend to participate in class and get better grades.

Children Get Motivated to Study Effectively

Homework fosters a positive relationship between parents and children. Children actually enjoy the company of their parents while they study, and this motivates them to perform better in school.

Parents can also point out the strengths and weaknesses of their children while they do their homework. This allows children to use their strengths in a better way and overcome their weaknesses with the help of their parents.

It’s the responsibility of parents to communicate positivity and encourage their children to do better on their own and if they are not able to get through a problem in a particular subject, they should guide them optimistically.    

Is Daily Parental Help with Homework Helpful? 1

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