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8 Tips to Increase Your Home Safety Now

Here are 8 tips that will help you improve your home safety. Keep safe from unwanted and potential hazards that could prove harmful to you and your family. When you follow these 8 tips, you will be making the home safe from trips, falls possible fire hazards that might otherwise endanger your family.

Home Safety Tips

Home Safety

  1. Your kitchen, especially near the stove, should be kept clean and tidy. No cloths or flammable materials should be at the countertops. Pot holders, rags, drapes and towels (potential fire hazards) should be kept away from the stove so that the risk of a fire breaking out is minimized.
  2. When you’re cooking food, and you get distracted by the baby monitor, don’t panic. And whatever you do, don’t leave the gas on when you go to check on the baby. Turn the stove or oven off and then go check on the baby. It wouldn’t be a pleasant sight if a fire breaks out.
  3. If you have candles in your house and there is a power outage, you should always stay in the room where the candle is lit. Don’t leave it unattended, they pose a serious risk to home safety. Better yet, use the flashlight on your smartphone to look around.
  4. If it’s still chilly and you’re using space heaters to keep warm during the winters in Australia, be careful. It’s a good idea to have a distance of almost 3 feet the space heater away from flammable surfaces and objects. Keeping them near stone, marble or other surfaces that don’t burn is a good idea. Also, turn off the heater when you go to sleep or leave the room to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  5. Trip hazards exist everywhere around the house and if you have kids or elderly, then it’s even more worrying. There are some areas of the house where exposed wired and cables pose a serious fall hazard. Shoe surfaces cause friction and expose the metal inside, too, which happens when we scrape our feet, by accident, on the wire. A way to make your home Trip Safe by covering the areas by special tape.
  6. Coming back to the issue of candles, you should also consider having a candle holder to avoid hot wax from searing your skin by accident. A candle holder that does not tip over easily is an ideal option. They should not be made of combustible materials and should be able to catch the melting wax easily.
  7. When looking at home safety have a kitchen rule that kids are not allowed in there. This is for their own safety. Kids can be careless at times and that can prove very costly. Even if you’re allowing them in the kitchen, they should stay very clear (maintain their distance) from the stove and oven, at the very least.
  8. Have a smoke-free policy in the house if you can. That is because you are not only harming your own health but that of your children, as well. If you or your spouse really wants to smoke, they should really take it outside of the house or switch to vaping. Lit cigarettes and cigars pose a fire hazard if left unattended, so extinguish them in some water when you’re done smoking.

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