I wish I was . . .


Really I do! Growing up my favourite film was Breakdance, the one with Kelly and Ozone. I watched that video until it melted and I couldn’t watch it anymore. One of my favourite moves was the heartbeat, so cool! My cousins and I would make up our own dance routines in her bedroom and we dreamed that one day we would be performing in front of thousands.

I’ve always been a big lover of music and dancing, I’ve never been a biggie on TV, I can take it or leave it but music is a must. Once I reached the age for going out to clubs I had only one interest and that was being on the dancefloor if the music was right. I wasn’t even worried about drinking (well not all the time, I didn’t get on well with drink’s best mate, hangover so I generally opted to drive instead).

Where I grew up, Streetdance classes were not on the agenda (although to be fair its more likely that when I was the right age, Streetdance classes hadn’t really started – shhhhh!). Now they are everywhere and children can start from such a young age. Little Bean doesn’t attend dance classes (yet!) but I’m already jealous at the thought that she could do streetdance. The music gets right under your skin and makes you come alive, I’ve never understood how anyone can watch dancers or listen to music and not move their body? If the beat is right I swear my blood moves my body of its own accord?

I must have watched just about every film about Streetdancing that has ever hit the screens and every time I imagine for a few moments that I am part of that crew! I love the likes of Diversity and Flawless and who could forget the cute little guy, Akai (see video below). If I had the chance again and could go back in time, the only thing I would change is that I would have followed my passion for music and dancing, I probably wouldn’t have been any good at it but I would definitely have enjoyed it!

Tonight as I type this post, I am watching Streetdance on TV which is a documentary following Streetdance crews in the UK as they battle it out to compete against the best from a similar level of dancers in America. It has become such a huge culture in the UK now and I think its good that they have something to focus their time and attention on. They make it look so easy and there are so many different styles, I think we have a very talented generation on our hands!!

What about you? What do you wish you were?

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