Hygiene Tips That Will Keep Your Dog Healthy And Clean

Just as it is important to take care of your own hygiene, it is essential to take care of your canine’s hygiene as well. This does not mean that you should only bathe your dog, on the contrary, it refers to all the actions ranging from hair trimming to taking care of the place they spend their time. Dogs will indicate that there is something going on with their skin since they start scratching themselves intensely, and you can sense an odour that is lowkey unpleasant. If you notice any of these signs, it is your signal to take instant action and take care of your dog’s hygiene, and here are some useful pieces of advice. 

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1. Grooming

The first step of keeping your dog’s hygiene in check is simple grooming. When it comes to grooming, it includes regulation of your dog’s hair length, trimming their nails, and in-ear hair.  Overly long hair can cause skin rashes and will make your dog scratch and irritate its skin. This might also indicate the presence of pests that can drive your dog crazy. Behaviours where your dog occasionally chew their nails are typical whenever their nails overgrow and start curving inward their paw that will make them feel unbearable pain. It is possible for dogs to make injuries with their teeth, and the worst scenario is for the bacteria from their mouth to cause some serious infections. Lastly, hair in your dog’s ears has a protective role, but if too long, it is a perfect place for infections that later on can cause some even more serious conditions. 

2. Bathe Your Dog 

According to vets, there is no need for your dog to be bathed every day, nor even every month. It is recommendable to bathe your dog every three months. Since some dogs enjoy goofy behaviour and are huge fans of rolling in the mud, then they will need to be bathed more than once in three months. You will have to be careful when it comes to choosing a perfect shampoo for your dog if we take into consideration that some shampoos are applicable to some breeds and are not to some others. However, if you are struggling and do not have enough space in your apartment or house, then you can seek help from professional groomers. 

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3. Brush Their Teeth 

This is the most daunting and funniest part of taking care of your dog’s hygiene ever. Your dog will avoid and try to hide when they see you approaching with a toothbrush but do not let them slide with it. They need to have their teeth brushed to maintain good cavity health, just as people need to brush their teeth. A perfect alternative to a toothbrush is dental sticks that your dog can eat and clean their teeth at the same time. These sticks come in various flavours and sizes, so it is the best option to talk to the vet about what brand to choose. 

4. Dog’s Bed 

It is not only important to take care of your dog as a being, but their whereabouts as well. One of the mandatory things for a dog in a household is to have its defined place. This means their place of comfort where they spend most of their time resting, eating, and playing. If your dog spends long hours in this specific area, then that place must be quite dirty and demands thorough cleaning. Dogs do not like their personal space being invaded so consider sending off your dog for a long walk while you are cleaning their space, otherwise, they will give you a hard time. You should bear in mind that it does not matter how many baths you give to your dog, if their bedding is dirty, the hygiene will suffer. Regardless of the size of your dog, you need to get them appropriate bedding, and it is best to be picky with this one. It is the best solution to buy bedding that has removable fabrics so that it is easily washed. Make sure that you are using pet-friendly solutions to disinfect their space and make their living area perfectly clean. 

It is mandatory to take good care of your dog’s hygiene since they are spending a lot of time near your family members. Their poor hygiene can considerably affect the hygiene of your home so you should take full responsibility for keeping your dog clean. If you have any questions about how to keep your dog clean and healthy, it is best to talk with a professional and pick up a couple of useful pieces of advice. 

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