How You Can Help Save The World

No matter which way we turn nowadays, we are faced with the saddening truth that our planet is more in need of help than ever before. Whether we are on social media or watching the evening news, it is abundantly clear that we need to make changes to so many things that we do, and the horrible truth is, if we do not, we run the risk of metaphorically burning our own home to ash.

In this post, we are going to be looking at how we can all come together and do our bit, and we will also learn why now is the best time to really make some simple changes. If we all change just take one thing from today’s post and adopt it in our lives, we will see that some amazing things can really happen when we pull together.

Help save the world

It Only Takes One Person

It has always been said that one person cannot change the world, well, we think that sayings like that have no place in the world. In fact, in modern society, such a statement is nonsense, there are many individuals that have changed the world, so why shouldn’t we at least try.

The truth is that being one person trying to change the world may seem crazy, but if you are one person that can help convey a message to many, then you are well on your way to something special. 

The whole purpose of this post is to hopefully inspire one or two people to go out and make a few changes. The hope is that once this happens, others will see, and eventually, it will create a domino effect that produces something remarkable. 

Yes, there are many other posts that are trying to do exactly the same thing, and that is the point. With every passing day, there are more and more people getting the message. In fact, there are thousands of people taking to the greener life every single day, so we need to keep this train rolling.

Recycle, Reuse or Repair

help save the world

The first thing we are going to be talking about is the magic of the three Rs. The first of the three we are going to be looking at is recycling. 

While there are many people who gladly do their bit and ensure they are recycling everything they can, without the right knowledge, this may be causing some hassle in itself. For example, did you know that there are codes for recycling? We know that many of you aren’t aware of these codes and what they mean, and that’s ok, in all honesty, it’s meant to be the job of your local authority to let you know these, but most have failed to do so.

So, when it comes to recycling, you should be looking at the codes and seeing what you can and cannot recycle and disposing of it correctly. If you really want to make a change for the better, this may even encourage you to buy products that use containers that are easy to recycle. While you may not be too eager to change from a brand, you know, you may find that doing things this way will actually result in a little money-saving.

The second R we are going to be looking at is reusing. While we used to be terrible when it came to repurposing things, it seems that websites like Pinterest have put forward thousands of ideas of things that can be done with your unwanted household plastics and waste.

By making changes and reusing the things that cannot be recycled, you can add something a little different to your home and garden, and more than this, you will be making a huge difference to the earth.

The final R we are going to look at is repairing. Now, while most of you are probably thinking that everybody tries to repair things before buying something new, they really don’t. What you may not realize is that nearly 60% of all household items that are thrown out and replaced can be repaired within five or ten minutes.

Refusing to repair things like washing machines when you can easily get washing machine parts online is costing us greatly. Not only is it forcing us to have to recycle these large items, but it also costs us more in production and transport emissions.

When it comes to issues like this, there are many of us that fail to see how these things can have huge ramifications. By stopping and thinking about how we could do things a little differently, we can really make an impact on the planet.

Be An Energy Champion

Energy champion

Another of the biggest problems on earth at the moment is the amount of energy we waste. While some people don’t believe this is a problem, perhaps if we put things into monetary terms, it may hit home a little more.

The US alone has an energy efficiency rating of 42%. So that means, on average, for every $100 spent, $58 is completely unnecessary. Looking at figures like this must be shocking, and you should now realize the impact waste like this has on the planet.

If you really want to make a difference to your bank balance and the planet, maybe you or a member of your family could become an energy champion. If you are not familiar with the concept, allow us to explain.

An energy champion simply keeps charge of all lights, plug sockets, and appliances. Where it is identified that they do not need to be on, they are dealt turned off. It’s that simple. By doing this, you will find that you will retain a lot of that 58% wastage you may have, and it will certainly show in your bank balance. 

While these things seem simple, we are happy to confirm they are. Not only are they simple, but we have used these two to show that helping to save the planet isn’t a government conspiracy to make you spend more, in fact, more often than not, while saving the planet, you will save more than you spend.  

How you can help save the world

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