How To Turn Off Wi-Fi Router Remotely

A Wi-Fi router has become one of the much-needed things in this tech-driven world. Wi-Fi routers are heavily used for personal to professional activities, and it can be hard to imagine our daily lives in the absence of a Wi-Fi network.

Turn Off Wi-Fi Router Remotely

Wi-Fi routers are the most helpful when we want to access the Internet from multiple locations. Whether in schools, colleges, universities, or offices, we need access to Wi-Fi routers. So, it is important to have effortless access to the Wi-Fi router and switch it on and off whenever required.

This is where there is a need to turn off the Wi-Fi router remotely. It is easy and convenient to perform our work when we can turn off the Wi-Fi router remotely. If you are longing to use the advanced features of your wireless connection, one of the things you can do is turn off the Wi-Fi router remotely, which can be an absolute help to you.

So, in this article, you will know about “How to turn off Wi-Fi router remotely” along with its needs. Keep reading to find out more below!

Why Turn Off Wi-Fi Router Remotely?

You may want to turn off the Wi-Fi router remotely for various reasons. For instance, if you are concerned about network security, you can turn it off when not used without manually going up to the router.

Likewise, when you are out with your family or friends on a vacation and forget to turn it off, doing so remotely is an easy way to hedge your bets. Leaving home for a while can be a great opportunity for criminals and nefarious activities, so it is necessary to maintain your network safety when you are not around.

The next reason could be that you want to know how to turn off the Wi-Fi router remotely without manually turning it off or physically moving up to the router. Also, parents may wish to provide screen time limits to their children or teenagers while using the Internet. 

Steps to Turn Off Wi-Fi Router Remotely

Follow the steps below to discover how to turn off the Wi-Fi router remotely.

Step 1: Find the login details of your router

After getting physical access to your wireless router, obtaining the login information is simple. You can simply find the login details by looking at the label on the back of your router.

Wi-fi router

The login information is sometimes found on the top sticker attached.

You’ll also be able to locate the wireless network information, commonly known as the SSID, which you’ll need to access your router’s network. Turning off the Wi-Fi router remotely is a requirement.

After that, jot down the router’s login credentials. To go to the router settings menu, you’ll need this.

Suppose someone has already altered the login credentials. In that case, you have two choices: ask them or perform a factory data reset, which will erase all data and restore the router login credentials to their default state.

Note: Before doing a factory data reset, consult with other users and family members to ensure no important data is lost.

Step 2: Find the router login details (Hit and Try Method)

If you don’t have physical access to your router, getting the login information can be a time-consuming and sometimes difficult task. So it is better to ask someone for the router’s login credentials.

Otherwise, simply brainstorm and try to find the router’s credentials as given below:

For getting router IPs:,, and are the most common IP addresses of the router. You can search these, and if a login page pops up, you have found the correct IP address of the router.

For getting the router’s password: now you’ve got the IP address, it can be easy to find the password as many IPs’ default passwords are quite easy and predictable. You can try the username as “admin” or “password” and the password as “admin” or “password.” 

IP Address

Step 3: Login and Turn off the Wi-Fi

There is no fixed way to do this, but it depends on your router model. Here are some ways to turn off the Wi-Fi router remotely. You will see the option for turning off internet access on the wireless setting or advanced features settings.

Turn off the entire router remotely: The power on/off toggle button will be located somewhere in the menu or surrounding options. You can disable the wireless router by pressing the toggle button.

Turning Off Internet Access: Look for an internet access toggle button that allows you to turn the Internet on and off. However, you should know that doing so would block internet access for all devices linked to it (both LAN and wireless).

Disabling Only Wireless Network Access: Some routers offer a setting to disable one or both wireless networks (LAN and wireless networks). You can simply disable the router’s wireless access or both.

Note: Many router models do not allow you to switch the router off fully by simply utilizing the settings menu. Because whether or not the router will turn off is determined by the router’s model and manufacturer. However, you can successfully turn off the router’s Wi-Fi from afar.

These are the steps to turn off the Wi-Fi router remotely.


Thus, these are the steps you need to follow to turn off the Wi-Fi router remotely. It can be easy when you are not at home or office or need to set some parental control over your children.

If you have any doubts or want a full explanation of how to turn the Wi-Fi off and on remotely, contact a professional expert who can provide you with further information and help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should Wi-Fi be turned off?

If you’re going out of home or leaving your wireless network unattended for any reason, you should disable Internet access.

2. Is it possible to turn off the router from my phone?

You can use your mobile to turn off your Wi-Fi network remotely by going to your internet service provider’s website (ISP). You must type your address into your ISP’s address bar, log in, and then turn off the router from your mobile device.

However, it depends on your router’s manufacturer and model as some routers may only provide to disable Wi-Fi but not turn off the Wi-Fi router and require you to remove the wire of the router from the plug to turn it off.

3. Can You Turn Your Router On From Your Phone?

While you can turn off your Wi-Fi router from your phone, you cant turn it back on, and it is impossible as the router needs to be switched on from the settings or manually through the power.

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