How To Take Good Care of Your Pop-up Gazebo

So you’ve bought yourself a portable gazebo? Congratulations! Your garden parties and potlucks are about to get a serious upgrade.

Whilst they’re made for outdoor use and therefore very much sturdy and somewhat weather-resistant, you’re going to want to take good care of them.

How To Take Good Care of Your Pop-up Gazebo 1
Image by alohamalakhov from Pixabay

Most fabric gazebos will last for approximately three years, whilst the hard-top models can withstand the weather for a while longer.

To guarantee yours lasts as long as it should, read through and then follow our top tips for making the most of this wonderful purchase. 

The whole family is sure to love it! Let’s make sure it stays up as long as possible.

Put It Up On An Appropriate Surface

Where is the best place to put up a gazebo? This is a common question, but the answer is simple – so long as it is a smooth, solid surface and the method of securing works, you’re good to go. 

For instance, when you’re looking to erect it on concrete, you’re going to want a gazebo that is secured using weights rather than stakes that are buried in the ground. The whole point of a portable model is to be able to take it down again!

Likewise, for your backyard lawn, stakes or pegs and secure ropes are your best bet or an anchoring kit. Anything that keeps things attached to the ground is good, and there’s no harm in adding additional weights.

Always Ensure It Is Properly Secure

There are numerous security measures that manufacturers build in to pop up gazebos to keep them safely on the ground. You should purchase a method that suits you, from straps and leg weights to stakes buried under dirt.

You must follow the User Guide for assembling and securing your gazebo. Using your own methods or failing to follow the instructions could cause it to come loose, leading to it getting damaged, or worse, someone getting hurt.

If you feel like the ropes, pegs, straps or stakes provided aren’t cutting it, don’t despair. You can always pick up some additional leg weights, as these are fantastic for keeping your gazebo extra secure, even in harsh conditions.

Avoid Using It On Especially Windy Days

You might be thinking, “Who busts out the gazebo when it’s freezing?!” but you’d be surprised. One of the easiest ways to damage your beautiful new shelter is by underestimating just how vicious the elements can be, especially wind and rain!

If you’re worried about the stakes holding, or there appears to be any strain at any point where the gazebo is secured, then take it down immediately. Sure, you can’t use it today, but you’ll still be able to take it out tomorrow, and it won’t be broken!

This advice is especially directed at those with fabric gazebos that don’t have the additional protection of a hardtop or sides. If you’ve got added security and you feel confident things will stay standing, then don’t let us stop you!

Disassemble And Store Properly

Yes, putting up your gazebo correctly and using it appropriately is important… but it’s also necessary to take care of it when you put it away too. This means following the User Guide to the letter again, especially when it comes to storage.

We highly recommend ensuring that your gazebo is clean and dry before storing. Leaving it damp and dirty is a breeding ground for bacteria and could lead to surface damage or mildew growth, which isn’t great for a barbecue!

Likewise, not taking it down properly could cause the fragile parts of the gazebo to break, leading to the possibility of collapse further down the line. It might take longer, but dismantling properly is your best bet.

If you’re having trouble understanding the instructions provided, all is not lost.

This video from ExpandaBrand, a popular manufacturer of quality pop up gazebos, demonstrates exactly how you should set up and then disassemble one.

Don’t Forget About It!

When the winter months come and go, it can be easy to forget that you even had a gazebo in the first place. Once it’s appropriate to bust it out again, throw a party! Have some fun! Enjoy it with your family and friends!

The best way you can make the most of your purchase and get the highest value for money is to use it regularly. Clean it up and put it away safely… but not forever!

How To Take Good Care of Your Pop-up Gazebo 2

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