How to Save a Space for the Unexpected Guest – with Style

Renting or owning a home with more than enough space to swing several cats can be quite far up the ladder for a lot of people. Then, with space tight as it is, it can be exceedingly difficult to accommodate friends and family for more than a day without turfing out some furniture or your pets for room. The article will take a look at the more creative and stylish ways you can ensure your guest, however impromptu they arrive, is guaranteed a comfy place to sleep. Each solution is somewhat dependent on the kind and amount of space you already have in mind, so keep your situation and needs in mind when thinking about employing any of these tips and tricks!

Small Space
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If you already have some kind of spare- or box room, you don’t need this article! But if you’re strapped on space and have designs for it, then here are some thoughts. Even if you’re intending on using the room as a study or office of some description, there may still be room for at least a single bed – making the room multi-purpose and, with the tactical application of fleece and cushions, giving you a fantastic chill-out space for when work gets the better of you. No preparation would be necessary if you were to be hosting suddenly, and under the bed would be some handy storage space for any difficult-to-store objects you have; it’s a space-saver, chaise-longue and guest bedroom all in one.

Guest Bed
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If the room is too small even for that, or is instead destined already to be a bedroom – and a permanently-occupied one at that, you can get even more creative with your furniture. Make use of a folding bed, tastefully covered in various throws and comfy pillows, to accommodate your guest. The bed can easily be attic-stored, and laid anywhere you need it. Untidy box room? Set it up in the lounge! The use of high-quality fabrics and throws gives the bed a homelier feel. Alternatively, swap out a sofa for a sofa-bed, and keep the spare throws and sheets beneath the unfolding mechanism. Neat, tidy and ready to use!

A final, perhaps unorthodox, way to bed your guest involves a teepee. Rather than supplying them with a standard fold-out or guest bed, spice up their stay with a night in a well-furnished tent! Make it part of the evening’s entertainment to put up the tent, and ensure they’re left with enough comfy rugs, blankets and throws to coat them thrice over. With some warm battery-powered fairy-lights and downy pillows, your guest will sleep in luxury.

And there you have it! Some simple ways to cater for the unexpected, even if your living space is on the tight side.

Post written by Jasmine Grimston

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