How To Make Your Child’s Birthday As Special As Possible

When you have children, you understand how special you want their birthdays to be. Although you will love them and celebrate them year-round, you will want to make their special day as unique and memorable as possible.

If you are unsure of how to make your child’s birthday as special, fun, and as exciting as possible, then follow these top tips.

Get them a personalised birthday card

Child's Birthday
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Although you can head to the shop and buy a regular birthday card for your child’s next birthday, why not invest in personalised birthday cards? Really, it isn’t a money investment, but it is a time investment as you will be putting more effort into the creation of the birthday card.

You can personalise it by adding pictures, their names, fun quotes, Happy Birthday Images, or more to make their card as special as possible. No doubt they will smile when they open up the card and see their name, face, or something else that makes them smile.

Personalised wrapping paper

Yes, that’s right. You can also get personalised wrapping paper as well as personalised birthday cards.

You could print their face, their name, or something that they love on the wrapping paper to make their presents appear as fun and exciting as possible.

Create a birthday countdown

Nothing would excite a child more than creating a birthday countdown so that you and them can count down the days to the big day.

For instance, you could add a chalkboard to the kitchen and countdown every morning they wake up until it gets to the big day. You can start this three days before, one week before, a month before. For a child, it can be exciting to countdown for as long as possible. Therefore, ensure to create a fun birthday countdown so that they can get really excited for their birthday.

Plan a birthday party

children love a birthday party and planning a memorable birthday party for your kid’s next birthday is a great way to make the day feel special and ensure that they have the most fun possible.

This will allow them to invite all of their favourite friends and closest family members to celebrate the big day with them. It will give you the opportunity to create a fun-filled day that they will never forget. You can include all of their favourite things to make them feel extra special.

Playing games, getting their favourite food, and creating a theme will ensure that the day is as exciting for your child as possible. 

You could create a fun birthday party in your back garden, try out a cereal party or hire an external space, depending on your space and preferences. You don’t have to spend a fortune to throw an exciting and amazing kids’ birthday party. It can be as simple as getting the board games out and making your own cake to show your child just how special they are. 

Bunting and balloons

birthday decorations

Making your child’s birthday as colourful as possible is a great way to make them excited.

Adding bunting and balloons around the house or the place where you are hosting the party will ensure that they feel that it is their special day. Using their favourite colours will further their excitement and ensure that the party is personalised for your child.

Decorate their bedroom

The day or night before your child’s birthday is a fun idea to decorate their bedroom, as it will make them feel excited the moment they wake up on the big day.

You should hang a bunting with their name on it, add balloons to the bedroom, and maybe even wake up in the middle of the night and put their presents by their door.

We all know how exciting it feels for your bedroom to be decorated as a child, so adding birthday balloons and decor will guarantee to boost your child’s excitement for their special day.

If your child goes to school, gift wrap their lunch

It is important for your child to attend school, even if it is their birthday. They will likely want to go to school as it means that they can spend as much time as possible with their friends having fun and celebrating.

If your child needs to go to school on their birthday then you could add a note to their lunch box to celebrate with them, although you will not be eating lunch with them and gift wrap the box.

Gift wrapping at the box will make it seem like an extra present, which will make them excited and all of their friends jealous.

Make them their favourite food for breakfast

There is no better way than starting your birthday with your favourite food for breakfast. Although you might be stretched throughout the rest of the year due to not wanting your child to eat sugary cereals or bad foods for breakfast, you can have a relaxed day for one day of the year.

For instance, if you know your child would love a sugary stack of pancakes with syrup, chocolate, and sprinkles, then you should offer them this for their birthday breakfast. Letting them know that they can choose their birthday breakfast will encourage them to be at excited as possible when they wake up. When they know they have their favourite breakfast waiting for them, they will likely jump straight out of bed and zoom straight downstairs for it, showing their excitement.

A present hunt

If you want your child to have the most fun on their birthday morning, then you could create a present hunt, which means they will need to hunt for their presence instead of being handed them.

Children love games, and they will love to get excited when they find a present. Of course, don’t make it too difficult as this is going to frustrate them, which is not what you want to do on their birthday. Make the present hunt fast yet fun to help them have the most fun on their birthday morning before opening their presents.

Making them hunt and work for their presence is also a great way for them to be more grateful, as it will prove that they cannot be handed whatever they want. 

Measure how tall they are getting

Children love to be measured and love to hear that they’re growing. it excites them when they have grown a centimetre or two in a year. Therefore, it makes sense to wake your child up on their birthday morning and measure their height.

You could have a special wall to mark how tall they are getting, which will help them reflect on how much they have grown in the past year.

Give them a birthday crown to wear throughout the day

birthday crown

Giving your child a birthday crown or sash to wear throughout the day will show everyone that it’s their birthday, hence more people will offer them a celebratory blessing. It would excite your child for everyone to wish them a happy birthday.

Whether they are spending the day at home, at a party, or at school, ensure that you give them something to wear so that they can show off their special doing.

Gift them a new outfit

There is no better feeling than wearing a new outfit on your birthday. It will make your child feel special, unlike they’re getting older, which can make them feel more responsible.

Allowing them to choose a new outfit before their birthday and gifting it to them on the day will enable them to wear it and show it off to celebrate their new age. 

Ensure not to give them chores to do

Whether it is the school holidays or a school day, and sure not to give your child chores to do as this can dampen their mood and make them feel like they are living any normal day.

Ensuring to make their day as fun and relaxing as possible will ensure that they feel special and that the day is celebrated in the best way.

Birthday cake

Every child loves to have a birthday cake, probably because they enjoy blowing out the candles.

If you can find someone to create a personalised cake then you should as children love to see their favourite cartoon character or animal displayed on a cake. Or you could decorate it with their name. And sure to add as many candles to represent their age as it shows them they’re getting older, which excites them. Plaster blowing out candles is a fu birthday ritual for children, so ensure to add those too.

Using as many of these tips as possible will guarantee that you make your child feel as special as possible on their birthday. Making your kid’s birthday extra special guarantees that they have the most fun, relaxing and exciting day. It is fun to celebrate getting older, especially for your children. Therefore, do not hesitate to invest in personalised wrapping and create a birthday countdown Anne party to celebrate their new age.

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