How to help a child with autism

Learning how to help a child with autism can feel daunting.  If you are a parent of a child who has recently been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, then you will no doubt have a lot of worries and questions. There can be a lot to take in, and learning about how autism will affect your child is vital.

Autism Awareness

There are measures that you can take that will make life easier for both you and your child, but ultimately there are varying different levels and problems that can come up when your child is autistic.

Safety And Security

Child with Autism

You will no doubt not want to take away from your child’s independence, they will need to be able to get around on their own, and autism should not prevent them from doing so as they get older. The worries may form about them getting overwhelmed when out in public. Situations can get confusing and stressful. Being somewhere unfamiliar can throw up many problems for someone with autism, and you will no doubt have concerns about their safety and security.

Learn routes that they will take. If they are taking public transport, go through all of the options and take every available journey with them that will help them to where they want to go to. You may need to take several dry runs together to familiarize yourselves with a journey your child will make often in the future. The Angelsense GPS Tracker is a great way of knowing where your child is should they become too overwhelmed. You will know where they are, and you can talk to them through the device to help to calm them down while you get them back on course, or go out to collect them.

Be Consistent

One thing that an autistic child will need is consistency in their life. This will mean creating a routine that works for them and sticking to it. Often, breaks in routines can be disconcerting and can leave a child feeling anxious and panicked. Settling them down may take up a lot of energy for you, and them. Mealtimes, bedtimes, and patterns in daily life can be very grounding for someone with autism. This will allow them the energy to be able to focus on other aspects of their life and development.

Understand Their Hypersensitivity

Child with Autism

Your child may be hypersensitive to certain things. Sounds are a very common sense that can get overloaded. Wearing ear protectors when your child will go anywhere that may be too noisy can help them to filter out the sound to be able to think clearly. Light and smell are also common areas that can cause a child to react badly. Overstimulation of these senses can make a child seem as though they are acting out, therefore helping them to avoid these triggers is important.

Create A Safe Space

Creating a safe space is vital to help your child with autism. When everything gets too much, they start to react badly. Having a place they can go to in your home where they have favourite items that will calm them is crucial.

Get Help

Support for child with autism

There are many support groups for children and parents alike. Find out what is available in your local area and get the help that you are going to need.





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