How to Get Your Kids Back to School Ready

Being parents, we all want to do everything we can to help our children succeed in every area of life. One particularly important area we want to help them in their education. With summer winding down and a return to school looming in the not too distant future, it’s important that we do what we can to help get our children ready for back to school. Here are some ways you can make that happen.

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Every child is different and as a result, every child learns differently and has different struggles. As their parent, there are some ways you can help them do their best in school, but you’ll want to tailor what you actually do to your individual child’s needs.

If they struggle with homework, find the right environment for them to work in and help them as needed. Some kids struggle with test-taking. You can meet with your child’s teacher to see what can be done and help them find a way of studying that works.

It’s important to remember that everyone is different and has unique needs. Don’t get frustrated and work through any issues together to succeed.

Set up a routine

Part of making sure your kids are ready to head back to school is getting them into a routine. No matter how old they are, adding structure to the day makes things run more smoothly.

This means making sure your kids are adhering to a certain time to wake up and go to bed on school days, setting expectations on when homework should be started and trying to have meals around the same time each day.

Make waking up easier


Remember when nothing was worse than having to leave the comfort of your bed to get up and go to school? Make this everyday occurrence easier for your kids than it was for you. Having a certain time to be awake every day, makes waking up easier. Soon, their bodies will start to know when it’s time to be awake.

You can also make waking up the fun by letting them pick out an alarm clock they’ll love. Whether it depicts a beloved character of theirs or is one that gradually wakes them with light and/or sound, it’s easier to get up when you don’t hate the way you’re woken.

Start limiting screen time

Screen time is the enemy of productivity. Make sure that your kids are being as productive as possible, and are free from any unwanted distractions, by limiting how much time they are spending looking at screens.

This means only letting them watch a few hours of television per day, having them leave their phone in a different room while doing homework and even saying no to video games on school nights. While your kids might not understand the limitations you are placing on them, they will only help them to develop good study habits.

Ensure a good night’s sleep


Sleep is essential to being successful and productive. Make sure your children are well equipped to get a full night’s rest so they can be ready to tackle the school day. This starts with having the right base and making sure your child has a comfortable mattress that will support them while they sleep.

Now, you want to make sure their room is comfortable and promotes their sleeping preferences. If they need a light, put a decorative night light in their room instead of allowing them to have their television on. If your child doesn’t like it to be too quiet, try a white noise machine to help lull them to sleep. Having a bedside fan serves a dual purpose of keeping them cool while also providing background noise.

Encourage good habits

A lot of children learn through their surroundings. Be sure you are practising the skills and habits that you’re trying to get your kids to embody. The saying, monkey see monkey do, exists for a reason!

You can also encourage your kids to get involved in activities that pique their interest. Not only will they be doing something they enjoy, but it will also help to sharpen their social skills!

Customize a study area


Just as everyone learns differently, everyone also studies differently. Help your children discover what their individual preferences are, such as if they need absolute quiet or prefer a desk over the couch. Once you know what they prefer, suggest a place for them to do the work that’ll help them.

One the location is determined, you can help them to set up space so it works for them. That can mean making sure the kitchen table is clear, setting up a desk in their room or even getting a lap desk for the living room. Again, remember everyone is different and what works for one of your kids might not work for another. Their individual success is what matters!

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  1. i am kicking a routine starting from tonight no more staying up late cos my teen got to be fresh faced in the morning hehe – great tips – kind regards Pati Robins- stylesqueeze blog

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