How To Easily Get Around New Zealand

If you’re looking to travel to New Zealand, you’ll be happy to know that it’s a relatively easy country to get around. There are a few things you need to do in order to make the most of your time there, though. This article will discuss the best ways to get around this gorgeous country and make the most of your visit!


Get Around New Zealand

It’s best to explore this island on your own terms. Most tourists are renting a car as soon as they land in New Zealand to get around the country. Renting a car is very easy, and renting companies are open at most airports in New Zealand.

Renting a vehicle will give you the freedom to explore without worrying about public transport schedules. It’s also much more affordable than you might think, with daily rental rates as low as $25-30. 

Gasoline is widely available across the country, so it won’t be a problem even if you travel out of major cities or off the beaten track. Most rental companies also have flexible pick-up and drop-off locations throughout the country, so you can easily plan your route.


Public transport in New Zealand is well-designed and diverse enough to satisfy anyone’s needs. For those who prefer train travel, there are a handful of services available in the country. 

Companies operate train services throughout the country, providing regular trips from Auckland to Wellington, as well as other destinations including Christchurch, Dunedin, Rotorua, and more. The train journeys are scenic and provide an opportunity for you to take in some beautiful scenery without having to drive yourself. 

Train tickets can be purchased online or at the station on the day of departure; just remember to book early if possible! All train coaches are air-conditioned and offer comfortable seating with large windows so passengers can enjoy the views during their journey. 


Buses are another common way of getting around New Zealand. They provide an economical and convenient way to travel, especially for shorter distances. The island busses are widely available in most cities, towns, and villages, making them a popular choice for exploring the country’s many sights and attractions. 

Busses offer services that range from local bus routes to intercity or even international buses with longer routes. Depending on the region you’re travelling through, buses may operate on regular timetables or just run whenever they’re full. 


A ferry will carry you over to the smaller islands or even to the mainland of New Zealand. A ferry journey is a great way to enjoy the stunning scenery and take in all the sights as you sail across. 

There are ferries servicing many locations around New Zealand, including Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, and Christchurch. The ferries run frequently, and most provide easy online booking systems so that you can make your reservations ahead of time. 

Ferry trips usually last between one hour and two hours, but some longer journeys may be available. You can also combine ferries with coach transfers for a more convenient travel experience. 


Get Around New Zealand

Taking an official tour bus will introduce you to the most iconic parts of New Zealand. Tour buses go to many popular places, such as the Bay of Islands, Milford Sound, and Queenstown, for snow tours. The tours are also great for learning about the history and culture of the country. You can find tours ranging from short-day trips to longer multi-day tours that take you all over the country. There’s even an option to take a bus tour around both islands in one trip!

Helicopter Rides 

Flying over exciting landscapes and beautiful locations of New Zealand with helicopter rides can be an ideal way to get around. They are a great transportation option for travellers who want to see the stunning sights of the country in less time than it would take by car or train. 

Not only do helicopter rides offer panoramic views and incredible experiences, but they also provide a safe and comfortable journey, allowing you to reach your destination faster than other forms of transport.


Having a campervan vacation around some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world is the ultimate way to explore New Zealand. With campervans, you can go where you want, when you want, and take as much time as you need to explore all of the stunning sights this beautiful country has to offer. 

Campervans come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small campervans perfect for couples or solo travellers looking for an intimate experience with nature to larger campervans that are great for families or groups. Depending on your budget and needs, there’s a campervan out there that will fit your requirements perfectly. 

New Zealand is definitely worth checking out on your own terms, so rentals should always be considered. When it comes to public transport, you can take trains, the bus, or even ferries. Get onto an official bus tour or fly over the isles in a helicopter. Finally, you could also go through the country in a campervan!

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