How to Choose a Coffee Machine for Home

Previously coffee machines were considered luxury items and were only found in wealthy households. However, with the evolution of technology, these appliances are now in every home. With multiple options, households find themselves at crossroads when selecting a suitable coffee machine.

How to Choose a Coffee Machine for Home

Some of the most common home coffee makers include drip coffee makers, espresso machines, and french presses. Each of these machines has its strengths and limitations. Here are a few pointers you may want to consider when buying a home coffee machine.

Do I Need One?

Before going down into details, you have to ask yourself if you need the coffee machine. Some of the questions you need to guide you include how frequently you take coffee, the amount of coffee you take or need, your coffee preference, and your budget. 

Answering these questions will help you narrow down to the specific coffee maker you need and even guide you in choosing a coffee machine for home.

Types of Home Coffee Machines

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There are different types of coffee makers, each designed to brew coffee differently. Here is an overview of how these coffee machines work.

Drip Coffee Makers

These are arguably the most popular option in American households. They are mostly preferred for their durability, affordability, easy-to-use feature, and ability to produce coffee for up to four people at a time.

Espresso Machines

These are some of the most priced coffee makers on the market. They are also labour-intensive and require you to pay attention to every detail. To get the best results from these machines, you have to get your technique right to enjoy a rich and flavoured coffee brew.

French Press

French coffee makers are also known as press pots and are relatively easy to use, clean and portable. Press pots; use a mesh to filter the coffee residue. This means you get to enjoy a cup filled with rich coffee flavour oils.

Which Coffee Machine is Right for Me?

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Having narrowed it down to three of the most popular types of coffee machines. It’s time to narrow down one of the best options for you based on your coffee needs.

Drip Coffee Makers

As stated before, this is the most common type of coffee maker. Drip coffee makers are automatic coffee makers that consist of a thermal carafe and a basket full of ground coffee with hot water dripping on it. The term drip was adopted mainly because of how these machines work. Brewing coffee using these coffee makers follows the following process:

• A filter loaded with ground coffee is fitted onto the coffee maker.

• You then fill the water reservoir.

• A heating element then heats the water.

• Water then flows up the showerhead and drips onto the filter.

• Brewed coffee then flows out of the filter basket onto the thermal carafe. The carafe keeps coffee warm for hours.

Espresso Machines

Espresso machines work by forcing pressurized boiling water through a puck of ground coffee and filter to give you a thick and concentrated coffee brew. These machines are highly favoured for their rich flavoured coffee and ability to produce it in under thirty seconds. To make an excellent cup of espresso is dependent on factors such as the temperature of the water, the pressure applied, the fineness of the coffee, and how tightly you packed the coffee. Espresso machines work best with fine ground coffee compared to other machines. Most home espresso machines feature a pump, reservoir, heating chamber, steam wand, porta-filter, and a control panel. To brew a shot of coffee, follow the following steps:

• Turn on the machine and wait for the heater to indicate that the water has been heated to the recommended temperature.

• Add the ground coffee to the basket and tamp it down.

• Fit the porta-filter by twisting it into the machine and placing a cup under each spout.

• The pump is automatically engaged, pressurizing the hot water and forcing it through the ground coffee.

French Press

This is arguably one of the best choices when looking for a flavorful cup of coffee. French Press coffee makers are manual and are fitted with a plunger, a filter, and a cylindrical carafe. These machines use hot water to steep coarse grinds for approximately four minutes. French Presses are relatively easy to use and work by immersing ground coffee in hot water then separating the residue from the brew by pressing down on the filter. To get the best out of this coffee machine, be sure to boil your water 200-degrees Fahrenheit. To make coffee, follow the following steps.

• Add ground coffee to the carafe.

• Pour in hot water, then wait for four minutes.

• The plunge.

Cleaning and Maintenance

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When looking for a coffee machine for home, you should also think about its cleaning and maintenance process. Drip coffee machines and French Press are relatively easy to clean. However, generally, you need to clean and maintain your coffee maker using white distilled vinegar and water. Follow these steps to get the cleaning right:

• Mix vinegar and water and fill the reservoir. This helps get rid of the mineral build-up as well as sanitize the carafe.

• Put the filter in the basket, then turn on the brewer. After a few seconds, please turn it off and allow the solution to sit for 30 to 60minutes.

• Turn the brewer on and finish the process before flushing the scent and taste using clean water.

Final Thoughts

There are several things to consider when buying a coffee maker. Start with the necessity and work your way up to the practicality and price tag. Take time to go over online reviews to see what other homeowners are saying about different coffee makers.

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