How Parent Involvement Leads to Student Success?

Many parents tend to get involved in the academics of their younger children, however, this tapers off as soon as the children grow older. Although the support of a teacher is also necessary, parent involvement is the key to student success. As parents know the strengths and weaknesses of their children better than anyone, they play a crucial role in their academic achievements and at the same time help teachers ease the learning process. For example, if you reside in the new town of the new territories of Hong Kong and you’re aware of your child’s struggle with English, you can recruit an expert ‌Ma On Shan English (馬鞍山 英文) tutor for them to improve their class performance and grades.

arent Involvement Leads to Student Success
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If you’re wondering how parent involvement leads to student success not only academically but also morally, keep reading this article!

Helps Teacher Create a Better Learning Environment

If parents take an avid interest in their children’s academics, they will ultimately be helping the teachers create a more effective learning environment.

Rather than having to explain certain concepts repeatedly to students or even helping some struggling students to catch up with the syllabus in the class, this won’t be an issue if students came well-prepared from home.

This way, the teacher would be able to focus on the other aspects of class lectures efficiently and help improve the class’s academic performance.

Of course, this is only possible if parents support the teacher in meeting common educational goals by regular communication and supporting their children with education at home.

Leads to Better Classroom Behavior

The behaviour of the students has a great influence on their grades and class conduct. 

When parents show interest in their children’s academic performance, this leads to better self-esteem and motivation. Hence, students tend to participate more in the class activities and work harder to excel overall.

This also has an impact on the absentee rate and classroom conduct of the students. Less absenteeism means students are up-to-date with important tests, exams, and syllabus.

Encourages Students to Attend College

Attend college
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Even if you think that your high-school child is “sensible” enough to make educated decisions on their own, they still need your guidance and support to help them make an informed decision.

Many students don’t tend to take admission in college or even university as they lack parental support. If you want your child to have a successful future, you need to take interest in their educational journey regardless of their age.

This will inspire and encourage them to take attend college and even university for a brighter future.

Parents Are Well-Aware With Relevant Teaching Techniques

There’s no doubt that teachers are skilled and experienced enough to adapt their teaching strategies for different students. However, it can sometimes be tough to tailor your strategies for a classroom with 28-30 students.

When parents actively take part in the homework and other school activities of their children, they know their children well enough to clear up their confusion on a particular topic by adopting a strategy that matches their understanding level.

If parents are involved in their educational journey by regularly communicating with teachers, the entire process becomes a cinch for the student, teacher, and the parent.

How Parent Involvement Leads to Student Success? 1

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