How can you ensure your child gets the best education?

Unless you have chosen to explore the merits of a private school system, the establishments that your child will attend throughout their early years and beyond will likely depend upon location, personal circumstances, and the local education authority’s discretion. It is therefore important to help your child make the most of the schooling that is available to them. Never be afraid to ask your child’s teachers for an update of their progress. Get to know their teachers and support staff; teachers will often appreciate your interest, and this will allow them to guide you with home learning and encouragement. If there is ever an aspect of your child’s education that you are unsure of, or unhappy with, don’t be afraid to question it, or ask for an explanation.

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Helping your child to excel in their education

It is important to remember that your child’s education won’t stop when they finish school in the afternoon, or even once their homework has been completed, so be sure to support your child’s development in every way that you can. Whether your child is a little behind, learning at a rate that is appropriate for their age, or excelling in a range of subjects, you can assist their learning; the key is to assist in a way that is comforting and fun. Try reading different types of literature until you stumble upon something that inspires your child; use maths during everyday situations; and introduce science during days out. If you’re ever unsure, there are a wealth of resources available online, at schools and within libraries that will provide inspiration and advice; the opportunities for learning with your child are only as limited as your imagination.

Another way to nurture your child’s education is to explore every avenue that is open to you, particularly the feasibility of grants and scholarships; these can be especially useful to the parents of gifted children, those with a lower income, or for teenagers with hopes of entering university. Lord Laidlaw is just one advocate for education, and his Laidlaw Schools Trust, and the scholarships offered in his name at the University of Leeds, are helping children and young people across the country to access their full potential. Scholarships, such as those offered by Leeds, are a fantastic opportunity for any student.

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As a parent, it is only natural to want the very best for your child, whether that’s their education, access to healthcare, or the types of opportunities that they’ll be afforded. Ensuring that your child has access to the best education as they develop into an adult can be among the most stressful moments you’ll experience as a parent; whether you disagree with curriculum choices, are worrying about your child’s additional needs, or are nervous of their continuing independence, it is important to remember that you’re as much a part of your child’s education as their teachers and peers. Offer encouragement, praise, and be on hand to make learning fun, as well as introducing them to new experiences, and involving yourself in their school life and after-school activities. Only then will you know that you’ve given them the greatest education of all.


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