Happy 2nd Birthday Beanie Boy

It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since this gorgeous little man came into our lives; when you think back to a time before your children, it just doesn’t seem real. How can they not have existed, i just can’t imagine my life without them in it. Beanie Boy is the sweetest, most loving little boy I could have wished for. He is so aware of the feelings of those around him and hates to see people ‘sad’.

2nd Birthday

He loves his big brother and sister, gets so excited when they come home but i think he is revelling in the fact he can play with what he wants, when he wants now that they are at school. He can jump on the trampoline for as long as he wants without someone shouting, “My turn”, he can watch Justin in peace and quiet and more importantly, he gets Mummy all to himself (well until Jelly Bean arrives). So today is all about my gorgeous little fella, and I intend to spoil him rotten!!!

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