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If ever there was a time of year to dress your children in silly clothes, then Christmas is that time! I received an email last week if I wanted to try out the Elfie Selfie t-shirts for the Beans and I knew they would love them so I had a look through the family photos from our Summer to find just the right pictures and sent them off so that their Elfie Selfie’s could be made.

To create your Elfie Selfie you need to upload a clear headshot photograph and select the design of t-shirt you want, it’s that simple! Within a matter of 2-3 days the t-shirts arrived packaged in a simple white box with Selfie labelling and inside they were wrapped in funky Selfie paper.

Elfie Selfie

I expected the t-shirts to be made from a thin cheap material since I would have classed them as a ‘gimmick’ but the quality of the fabric is lovely, a very thick t-shirt fabric which won’t lose it’s shape in the first wash. I was impressed!

The picture quality is very good too and I like the design feature of the candy cane on the back too. When we showed the t-shirts to the Beans, they responded with a united giggle! I can see they will be wearing these a lot in the run up to Christmas.

If you would like to order Elfie Selfie’s for your children then I can offer Mummy Matters a 20% discount code. Simply enter the code below at the checkout and your discount will be applied.


If you do, I would love to see your designs so please do tag me on Instagram or Twitter.


  • mummyoftwo2

    November 22 at 8:54 pm

    These are so much fun! I love that they are long sleeved, so important in this cold weather.

    1. IamMummyMatters

      November 26 at 12:39 pm

      They are really thick too, much better quality than I expected them to be. You’ve got to have a bit of fun with clothing at Christmas 🙂

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