Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page voices fabulous feline Poppy Cat in second series

Poppy Cat

Welsh actress, Joanna Page, is set to make a welcome return to our screens as the voice of popular pussycat, Poppy Cat, in the second series of the colourful and adventure-filled children’s animation, which launches on Nick Jr. at 9am every weekday from 8th September.

Poppy Cat airs in more than 140 territories worldwide and is based on the international award-winning books written by British author, Lara Jones. This season will see all of the old favourites back again such as Zuzu the dog, Mo the Mouse, Alma the rabbit, Egbert the badger (and master of disguises) and Owl – along with the introduction of over fifty new characters including Ozzy the Octopus; Charles the Blue Whale; Ernie the Platypus; Speedy Sam the Sea Turtle; Odette the Ostrich and lots, lots more.

Joanna Page comments, “My daughter Eva loves watching Poppy Cat. She is fascinated with the bright colours and all of the different characters and their voices. I think subconsciously she feels a connection with the orange cat, Poppy Cat. I love voicing the character, particularly since becoming a mum – and as it is already established as a popular pre-school show, it gives me a lot of kudos with my mummy friends! Seriously though, I think its great when kids can relate to a character, and for a show to bring to life their potential for imaginative play and creativity. As this series is jam-packed with fun adventures and even more colourful characters, I think the fan base will only continue to grow!

It is exciting that Poppy Cat has been commissioned for a second season. All of our hard work and enthusiasm from the first series has paid off. I got involved with the show because the stories are so sweet, and it is just so great for children – all of the magical adventures which encourage them to use their imagination, and going off to different worlds, is just so wonderful.”

Poppy Cat

Through Poppy Cat, pre-schoolers are encouraged to use their imagination to solve problems and discover the world around them. Each episode is seen through the eyes of Poppy Cat’s young owner, a little girl called Lara. It is a celebration of adventure as Poppy Cat and her friends embark on exciting journeys through fantastical lands in aeroplanes, pirate ships, hot air balloons and rockets.

Poppy Cat is ultimately about Making Everyday Adventures ExtraordinaryThe Poppy Cat brand has been associated with well-known and respected organisations with the central aim of making everyday activities into extraordinary adventures for mums and their little ones. These partnerships include the Woodland Trust, Nickelodeon Land, Sea Life Centre, Picture House Cinema and many more.

With almost 50,000 fans on Facebook, Poppy Cat’s social media community continues to go from strength to strength. For more information or to become a fan of Poppy Cat, please visit or


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