Garnier Ultralift Challenge

image Let’s face it, no one wants to grow old quickly. We want to maintain our youthful complexions for as long as we can and at some point we need to accept that we may need a little help to maintain good skin and keep it free from wrinkles.

When I saw an opportunity to take part in the Garnier Ultralift challenge I decided every little bit helps. To take part in the challenge I was sent a Wrinkle Reader and a two week supply of Garnier Ultralift. When the Wrinkle Reader arrived I was really happy to note that I actually didn’t factor on the scale at all but keen to still try it out I gave the pack to my Mum to try out instead. People who know my Mum will say “she doesn’t need it either”. My Mum has always taken really good care of her skin and it has paid off, she definitely doesn’t look her age but inevitably a few little wrinkles have crept their way in. Mum used the Garnier Ultralift sachets for two weeks and said that she noticed a marked improvement in her skin and has gone so far as buying herself a pot of Garnier Ultralift to carry on using. Mum said that it was really light on her skin and easily absorbed without leaving a sticky residue.

I might not have wrinkles yet but I definitely know which pot I’ll be reaching for when the little blighters make their appearance!!

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