Fun Ideas to Celebrate Teachers

Are you looking for fun ideas to celebrate teachers? Now is the time to consider unique gift ideas! No matter if you are looking for a start-of-the-school gift, a middle-of-the-year gift, or a thank-you gift for all that they’ve done, teachers deserve to be recognized for all their hard work! 

Homemade gifts or store-bought gifts are all great ideas, and we’ve gathered a few of our favourites to put some ideas in your think tank. Be sure to act quickly, as you don’t want to put off recognizing them for all their help throughout the year. 

Since they spend the majority of the day with your child, adding them to your gift list this year is a must! There are some great options listed below from a fantastic teacher store

What would be a good teacher appreciation gift?

Fun Ideas to Celebrate Teachers

This is where it’s important to take the time to learn a bit about your child’s teacher. Find out what they’re interested in so that you can better find a gift for them that they’ll love. 

Ask the questions, pay attention to the types of things that they are wearing or have on their desk at parent-teacher conferences – and have fun with the process.

Half the fun of giving gifts is looking at all the options! 

Is $50 too much for a teacher gift?

Your budget is your budget. Most people will spend anywhere from $20-$50 on a gift for a teacher, so don’t stress out about spending too little or too much. 

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that if you are going to give them a gift, give them one that is quality made and one that they’ll use or love. 

Here are some popular gift ideas for teachers! 


Teachers love t-shirts! They love wearing fun t-shirts that showcase their teaching talents and abilities. The fun thing about teacher t-shirts is that you can get them in all sizes, colours, and more. 

This is a great way to give a gift to the teacher that they can wear whenever they want! Who knows – your t-shirt teacher gift just might be the item they wear on the first or last day of school! 


Not every teacher keeps a roll of stickers or gold stars on their desk to hand out, but all teachers do love to give praise and rewards for good work. A stamp from teachergive is a fun idea that they can use to mark a paper or assignment that is worthy of praise! 

This is unique and something that they can stick with them on the go when they’re grading papers away from school. 


Teachers most definitely get parched during the day! Since they spend their hours standing in front of the class and talking most of the time, gifting them a really cool tumbler is a great idea.

They can fill it full of water, soda, or even iced coffee to keep those energy levels high. Tumblers can be personalized with fun sayings or created in bright colours – whatever works best for their personality. 


Everyone loves having a cool bag. Everyone! Bags are perfect for bringing stuff to and from school, grocery shopping, and more. 

Giving the gift of a reusable bag is also great for reducing the amount of plastic bags that are out in society. This is a great gift for any teacher who likes to take work home with them so that they can transport everything safely without the worry of dropping or spilling anything. 

When should teachers get gifts? 

Fun Ideas to Celebrate Teachers

We believe that a teacher is deserving of a gift all the time! Why wait for special occasions and holidays to show them how much you appreciate them? 

A good idea is to stock up on fun teacher gifts throughout the year so that you have them handy and ready when the time is right. Put them in a spot in the house so that you can easily grab one, to give! 

Should a student take the gift to give to the teacher? 

Most times, this answer is going to be yes. However, be sure to check with the rules at the school to verify that this is fine to do. 

Some schools may have rules in place where the front office has to put the gifts in the teacher’s mailbox or just may not want the kids to be carrying gifts in the hallway. 

If the answer is “yes,” then let your student give the gift proudly to the teacher! Add a fun bag, bow, and don’t forget to add a few of their favorite snacks inside the bag, too! Snacks are the perfect way to round out any gift for teachers and a way to spoil them as well! 

Have fun choosing the best gift idea! There are so many great ones here! 

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