Finders weepers, losers keepers!

Every year as Christmas approaches my Mum and I always put aside one day in the week to have a day Christmas shopping together, it’s our little tradition and on Friday my Mum, Beanie Boy and I headed over to Cambridge after we dropped Little Bean at pre-school. Unfortunately it didn’t promise to be a great day as both my Mum and I had stinking colds and were feeling pretty rotten but we’re hardcore shoppers and will not be put off by a cold – oh no!

Our shopping trip was not successful, we bought cold remedies and pain killers, wrapping paper and nothing much else. I spotted Dr Pixie from Embarrassing Bodies walking through the park and tried on a few Christmas dresses which made me look like the doll shoved in the top of the loo roll. I didn’t manage to find anything which was on my shopping list but we did find a lost iPhone 4S. A couple of texts later and I was in touch with the husband of the lady who had misplaced her phone. Today I met up with the lady to reunite her with her iPhone and she was overjoyed, she said she had actually cancelled it immediately as she didn’t think the finder would return it to her and then she presented me with a large bottle of champagne to say thank you.


Last night when I was waiting for the owners to get back to me I searched on the internet to find other ways of returning it to them and discovered a really cool app called Find My Phone which needs to be activated on your iPhone before you lose it but it will help you to locate your phone and disable it if necessary. So then I started looking around on my phone, a Samsung Galaxy SII to see if I could do anything similar and I could so I have activated this now.

When I switched on the lady’s phone yesterday I was faced with a beautiful photograph of her two young children and as a mummy I knew how she must have felt to know that her phone had disappeared along with photographs of her children, I take lots of photographs on my phone and would hate to lose them so I have also now taken a backup of them – just in case and I intend to do this regularly.

What would you miss if you lost your phone? Have you done any good deeds lately?

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  1. Lovely story Sabina, I lost my iphone and had a call from a 17 year old to say that he had found it – went to collect it and he was so lovely and polite, gave him £20. His mum was positively beaming with pride and I don’t blame her! I still believe there are more honest people than not though in the world…despite what the headlines may have us believe!

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