Fighting the bugs with Actimel smoothies

After the bad health which plagued me and my family throughout my pregnancy last year I was hoping that this year would be better but apparently not. Poor little Jelly Bean has mild croup whilst Beanie Boy, Hubby and I have stinking colds.

Since I am still breastfeeding Jelly Bean I am unable to take medication other than paracetamol and the odd ibuprofen so I need to find other ways to fight the bugs.

Fighting the bugs with Actimel smoothies

A couple of weeks ago as part of my role on the Family Wellbeing Index a parcel arrived on my doorstep containing a smoothie maker, one fruit and a pack of new Limited Edition Actimel Mango & Passionfruit flavour.

Actimel smoothies

I didn’t waste any time in putting the wheels into motion, I gave the smoothie maker a wash down, chopped up half a mango, scooped out the passionfruit and added a banana that looked like it had seen its best day, poured in the Actimel and gave it a whizz. It smelt delicious but there was one part about this healthy new drink that was going to cause a problem for me – the texture.

Despite whizzing and blending for age the banana gives the smoothie a slightly lumpy texture so I used the lid with holes to strain it into a glass and Robert was my uncle!!!!

The smoothie tasted even better than its aroma I am pleased to say and has now formed part of my daily menu. For breakfast, I chop up whatever fruit I have lounging around, pop in an Actimel and whizz it. In fact, I have become so attached to the new smoothies I bought myself this bargain Juice and Smoothies book for £2.99 from TK Maxx to find new recipes in the hope that I might be able to encourage the tiddlers to try some too.

Healthy Smoothies for Children

Beanie Boy is a little more adventurous than Little Bean, he has tried my Actimel Original with strawberries and blackberries and loved it. He is now eating strawberries most days too!! Little Bean is enjoying ‘making’ the smoothies but as yet is still refusing to even dip her finger in for a taste – maybe one day!!!

Bug fighting smooties

Before being sent this parcel I wouldn’t have thought about using an Actimel in my smoothie but they make a great addition and I have experimented with different flavours.

To see what other people have been making or to find out the latest on Actimel why not head over to their Facebook page.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent the Smoothie Maker, fruit and a pack of Actimel Mango & Passionfruit for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own, I was not instructed what to write and you may not copy my work without my permission.

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