Signs Your Family Tidal Wave Is Drowning Your Bathroom

Bathrooms and busy family life don’t always go together. Try as we may, maintaining a family of three, four, or more from one family bathroom can be disastrous. And, we aren’t just talking about finding time to get in there!

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Too often, even purposefully designed family bathrooms fall under the constant pressure of a family tidal wave. Before you know, space can start to look tired, and may even stop being fit for purpose.

If left unchecked, this could see the whole family having to wash at Nan’s for untold amounts of time while you undertake renovations. But, it doesn’t need to be that way. In reality, there are some pretty simple fixes to most family bathroom dilemmas. All you need to do is keep an eye out for signs that your family tidal wave is taking its toll before it’s too late. Some sure indicators include –

You’ve used all the hot water…again

Running out of hot water has to be the most common family bathroom complaint, but this isn’t the inevitable issue many believe. Especially if your hot water supply seems to be getting less and less, it’s a sign all is not well with your water system. Don’t think that you have to put up with that! After all, even large families manage to make hot water last. By trusting a licensed electrician to either repair or replace your water system as it stands, you could join them. Don’t keep suffering in silence! Family bathroom life really needn’t make limited hot water an inevitability. 

Your floor looks like it’s been at the bottom of the ocean

When the whole family use one bathroom, it’s not unusual for the floor to start looking a little…well, sorry for itself. Peeling lino and warped floorboards certainly aren’t uncommon in a family bathroom but, again, it doesn’t have to be this way. Of course, you can’t change the number of wet feet that will be stepping on that floor, but you can change the flooring itself. Bath and shower mats can look great and work well for this purpose, as can waterproof floor options like vinyl tiles. By investing in these, you guarantee that your family bathroom floor looks pristine, no matter how many people shower in one day.

Storage has gone out the window

We couldn’t write this post without also mentioning issues with storage, could we? When the whole family uses the space, it isn’t unusual for shampoo bottles to take over the sides, and bath toys to congregate on the floor. Even once you’ve got those other issues sorted, this can make the space incredibly hard to enjoy. Luckily, there’s no reason to suffer in silence, with a whole multitude of family bathroom storage solutions out there for you to enjoy. Shelving, chests, and even in-wall units can all keep even a multitude of toys out of sight, making for a more pleasing family bathroom experience that, finally, doesn’t leave you wanting to tear your hair out. 

Signs Your Family Tidal Wave Is Drowning Your Bathroom

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