Family Bathroom design ideas

In our bustling household of six, the family bathroom is a hive of activity. While my partner and I enjoy the luxury of an en-suite, our four children share the main bathroom. This space must be robust, functional, yet inviting. Here’s how to craft a bathroom that meets the needs of a lively family.

Bathroom storage

A family bathroom often becomes a repository for various items. To avoid a chaotic look, smart storage is key. A tallboy unit is an excellent choice, especially in compact bathrooms. Utilise the lower cupboard to conceal less attractive essentials, while the upper shelves can be personalised for each family member. Consider using colour-coordinated baskets for an organised and aesthetic touch. Our current grey baskets blend with the walls, but a vibrant update is on the horizon!

Family bathroom

In a family with diverse needs, a combined shower and bath unit is a practical solution. It caters to the quick showers required by teenagers and provides a relaxing bath for younger children. Explore a range of stylish and functional bathtubs at Superbath. Although I’m not typically a fan of shower curtains, their ease of maintenance and versatility in design make them a practical choice, unlike shower screens, which can be challenging to keep spotless.

The luxury of a double-head shower system lies in its unmatched flexibility and opulence. Incorporating a detachable shower head in your shower installation is ideal for efficiently and gently bathing young children, while the inclusion of a larger, fixed head offers an immersive, waterfall-like sensation, perfect for a rejuvenating start to your day. This type of shower installation not only caters to the practical needs of a family but also transforms your daily shower into a spa-like retreat. The ease and convenience of a dual-head shower system make it a worthwhile addition, enhancing the overall showering experience for everyone in the household.

bathroom tap

The choice of taps can significantly influence your bathroom’s style. Opt for designs that exude modern elegance. I recently admired some kitchen taps for their sleek, angular design, and was delighted to find Grohe offers similar styles for bathrooms. These are definitely on my wishlist for our next bathroom makeover.

Colour coded accessories
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To avoid the all-too-familiar mix-ups of towels or toothbrushes, colour coding is a lifesaver. Assigning colours to each family member simplifies organisation and minimises disputes. We’ve even colour-coded our towel pegs for added efficiency.

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are a fantastic way to inject personality into your bathroom. They’re easy to apply, remove, and switch up when you’re ready for a new look. For families with younger children, these stickers can make bath time more enjoyable. We’ve been fans of TinyMe stickers for years; they’re durable, wall-friendly, and can be repositioned as needed.

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