Everything You Need To Know About Foreign Hair Transplants

Experiencing hair loss for a period of time may leave you looking for solutions to help resolve your issue. Of the many types of treatment out there, you would’ve discovered that hair transplants are possibly the most effective available. These days, you’re not just restricted to treatment in the country you reside in, instead of many worldwide options are available and plentiful. With countries in Europe and further afield willing to provide the treatment you’re looking for, and sometimes for much less of the cost, here’s everything you need to know about foreign hair transplants.

Reduced Medical Bills

Everything You Need To Know About Foreign Hair Transplants 1
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One of the key aspects that attract thousands of medical tourists each year to destinations worldwide is the savings on treatment. In some instances, the total package price of flights, accommodation, transport to a facility and treatment can be the same or even less than the procedure alone in the UK, sometimes providing between a 30% – 80% saving. This means those wanting a hair transplant Turkey procedure can do so whilst also combining a holiday or weekend away. Destinations like Turkey can charge less because many facilities are government subsidised, meaning patients only have to pay part of the procedure costs compared to prices in the US and UK. Also, living in Turkey compared to other destinations is much less, meaning medical tourists’ money will go much further.

Access to Qualified, Expert Surgeons

Many people will want to seek out the best doctors and treatment facilities to undergo a hair transplant, and sometimes this means looking at options abroad. Many countries have their own specialisms, with hair transplants one of many cosmetic surgeries that people choose. Turkey is well-known for hair transplants, whilst other destinations such as Brazil or Thailand are popular for cosmetic and dental procedures. Like with any choice of doctor or hospital at home, you’ll want to do some research first before going ahead and learning about the experience of the medical staff and patient reviews. Many of the doctors in foreign facilities have trained in the US or UK, ensuring their accreditations are of the highest standards.

Reduced Waiting Times

Everything You Need To Know About Foreign Hair Transplants 2

Many medical tourists will be enticed by reduced costs and reduced waiting times for treatment. You could be waiting weeks or months on a public health service waiting list, so finding a medical facility able to provide immediate treatment can make a huge difference. This is particularly attractive to those wanting their hair transplant sooner rather than later, especially if their hair loss is causing great concern or distress. 

High-Quality Standards

You should choose a destination and facility that provides a high quality of care similar to or better than what you would receive at home. Medical tourism can sometimes have an image of not providing the best facilities due to being cheaper. Still, many locations worldwide provide a clean and sterile environment within world-class hospitals, working to high-quality standards set out by healthcare regulators. Like any service, you should find out as much as you can about your choice of medical facility and choose wisely before going ahead.

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