Essential tips on carpet cleaning with kids on board

Your carpet is soft and comfortable to walk on. With kids, the carpet is the most common place they sit and play. Crawling on the floor, young children put the same dirty hands and toys in their mouths! So, naturally, it is critical to keep your floor clean. We say, not all carpet cleaning items are suitable for children or babies, and some may include harsh substances that are potentially more hazardous than the filth embedded in the fibres. Take a look at some things you must know about carpet cleaning and how it impacts your children’s health.

Consider these essential pointers when cleaning carpets if you have kids

cleaning carpets if you have kids

Yes, vacuuming the carpets at home is very safe for children. However, it would be best if you exercise caution when cleaning. Cleaning your carpets regularly also keeps your home sanitary and healthy. However, if you have a kid, it then becomes crucial to clean and dry the carpets regularly. Otherwise, the moisture would remain inside, causing hazardous bacterial development. Learn about two measures for completing safe residential carpet cleaning:

Chemical cleaners should not be used

When cleaning carpet stains, avoid using dangerous chemical solutions like formaldehyde, naphthalene, phenol, sodium hydroxide, and hydrofluoric acid! All of these toxins are available in ready-made market carpet cleaners and can harm your baby’s health. Using synthetic chemical cleaners or green cleaning solutions, on the other hand, is always a safe option. They keep both you and your children safe while the carpet stays clean. Furthermore, many professional cleaning businesses utilise eco-friendly techniques to remove stains from carpets. For example, a carpet cleaning shampoo and machine from Steamaster is highly recommended, as they are absolutely chemical-free and (as such) safe to use at all places.

Reduce the amount of water you use when cleaning

carpet cleaning

When washing carpets, it is critical to use as little water as possible. The carpets absorb water and keep moisture since they stay wet for a long time. Bacteria and mould will thrive in the damp environment of your carpets. They have the power to make you sick and harm your children’s health. You can choose between dry carpet cleaning and low-moisture carpet cleaning. To avoid using water and properly removing stains, even the dry carpet cleaning method uses dangerous chemical cleaners. The only choice left is to clean your carpet with low moisture, which is safe for your infant.

Go for home remedies to clean the carpet

You will be surprised to know how many green cleaning products are there right in your kitchen. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are great to remove dirt, filth, and stains. Spills can be absorbed or scraped off as soon as possible, not rubbed. One approach to remove a stubborn mark is to use water and vinegar. For grease stains, such as those brought in by footwear, a mixture of vinegar with baking soda or cornstarch are helpful. When vacuuming, baking soda is best to freshen the carpet. You don’t need detergents or cleaners if you steam-clean with mere water. If you must use store-bought items, look for eco-friendly or green labels.

Cleanliness as a preventative measure

You can start by taking preventive actions to reduce the amount of dirt. Place the mats at the entrances of your home so that visitors can wipe their shoes off before entering. Consider implementing a “no shoes on the carpet” policy. Vacuuming twice a week reduces the mess to a minimum. It also guarantees that your child does not pick up anything harmful while eliminating dust and other allergens trapped in the fibres. A vacuum cleaner with advanced techniques is beneficial.

Carpet cleaning is necessary, but never at the price of your children’s health. Luckily, you have many kid-friendly methods for keeping your carpets clean and fresh. Make sure you don’t miss these because you’re worried too much. To ensure optimum safety and complete cleaning in the area, scale out your activity.

Essential tips on carpet cleaning with kids on board 1

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