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Ecstatic about my Epson EcoTank 3-in-1 Printer ET-2550

As my giveaway for the Epson EcoTank 3-in-1 Printer is in heading towards it’s last week, I thought I would take the time to share with you my experience of owning an Epson EcoTank.

Epson EcoTank


The first thing I noticed about the printer when taking it out of the box was how much smaller than anticipated it actually was. When I had looked it up online I thought it looked big and with the ink tanks on the side, I thought it would take up a lot more space so I was pleasantly surprised by it’s compact design.

Setting Up

Setting up the printer was a very simple task, after removing all of the packaging I needed to fill up the individual ink tanks. For this task I would definitely recommend putting down an old cloth to protect surfaces and wearing an apron or clothes which you don’t mind getting spoilt in the event of ink splashing up. I made the mistake of trying to ‘remove’ the protective foil on the bottle, in hindsight I should have just pierced it instead as I ended up with dyed finger nails for a few days afterwards. When tipping up the bottle of Cyan ink I somehow managed to slightly miss the tank and spilt some on the wooden desk top. Thankfully, I was able to grab an anti-bacterial in time to save the desk. After that I opened the bottles on a cloth.

Once the ink was set up and the printer had taken around 20 minutes to charge the inks, the printer was ready to go. I followed the onscreen prompts as per the instructions which came in the box. You can set up the connection via the Internet or using the product CD in the box following the on-screen prompts. The whole process took around 10 minutes and once it was complete, I was ready to print.

Epson EcoTank


The first thing I chose to print were some Thomas the Tank invitations for Jelly Bean’s first birthday party. The quality of the print was so good they looked like I had paid to have them printed. The colours were so vibrant true but most importantly Jelly Bean was over the moon!

Our printer arrived just after Christmas so my festive clicking frenzy provided ample opportunity to print photographs for the family. I have always used Picasa to edit and print my photographs so I didn’t think twice about using it to print my photographs when putting the Epson Ecotank through it’s paces. I was particularly delighted with the images that I had taken at Christmas since I had finally got to grips with my 30mm lens and my speedlight, the colour and crispness of the images was exactly what I had been trying to achieve since I first started with my DSLR camera.

So imagine my disappointment when I publish 6 pages of photographs onto premium glossy photograph paper to find that they looked poor, the bright, crisp images on the screen had been replaced by dull, ‘noise’ filled images. I showed them to Hubby and said “well this is rubbish just look at the quality of these pictures”. I threw them to one side and decided to deal with them on a different day.

Over the next couple of days I looked on the internet to read other reviews on the photo quality of the printer and couldn’t find any negatives so I decided it must be something I was doing wrong. It was . . .

Customer Helpline . . . Helped!!

I voiced my concerns about the photograph quality to Epson and they asked me a few questions . . . what program was I using to print the images, what paper was I using. They asked me if I had tried printing with the Epson Easy Photo Print app, to which I replied that I had never even heard of it. The advisor was really helpful and sent the link to the app directly to me so that I didn’t have to search for it. Using the app was really simple and I decided to really put it to the test by printing some new A4 sized images to go in our hallway. The improvement in photo quality was 100%, they looked as good as if I’d had them printed by professionals. Ever since that date I have been printing every single day as I am updating my photographs around the house. I have only one issue with the Epson Easy Photo Print (I hadn’t had a chance to call Customer Services again) and that is the printing layout. The options appear to be only ‘full page’ or ‘contact sheets’ and I prefer to print two or four images per A4 sheet. Once I have had a chance to speak to Customer Services I shall leave a comment below to update you.

Epson EcoTank

Wireless Printing

The last printer I had wasn’t wireless, so every time I wanted to print something from my laptop I would have to save it to a USB stick and then switch on the family PC which was attached to the printer. Due to the nature of our desk I couldn’t just unplug the cable and attach to the laptop. Otherwise I would have to email myself with the document for printing and then retrieve it from the family PC. Now that I can print directly from the laptop (or my mobile phone, or tablet) from anywhere in the house and it has revolutionised my printing. My printer has never had so much use and what’s even more impressive is that I have barely made a dent in the ink supply so I can look forward to printing lots more in the future too.

Epson EcoTank


To be on the safe side I scan all important documents so that I have a digital copy too and I have begun to scan in some of the children’s artwork in an effort to save space around the house too. It’s super easy to do using the Epson Scan software and takes just a couple of minutes.

All in all I am uber-impressed with the Epson Ecotank and it has become an integral part of our home, we use it to print photographs, documents and colouring sheets for the children. The quality of the printing is superb and it’s quiet too so I don’t have to worry about waking the Beans up during naptimes.

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