Eco-Friendly House Hunting- Tips for Finding Your Dream Green Home

Do you want to embrace a sustainable lifestyle? Are you looking for a new home but want to do your bit for the planet? Well, listen up; you’re on the right track because sustainability starts at home. You may add a few eco-friendly features to your existing home, but buying a green property is the best decision. 

Buy buyers; you need to choose wisely! Did you know that buildings are responsible for 39% of global CO2 emissions? Breaking up the numbers- 28% comes from operational emissions (energy to heat, cool, and power them) and the remaining 11% from building materials. The stats are mind-blowing, right?

But you can look for an eco-friendly house that fits your lifestyle expectations and needs. Let’s help you with a few valuable tips. 

Look for an ideal size

Eco-Friendly House Hunting

You’ll surely want a home spacious enough to accommodate your family. But bigger is not always better, right? In fact, larger homes have a far-reaching environmental impact as it requires more heating and cooling. So you must stick with an ideal size with just enough space to match your requirements. 

And yes, ensure a green design because it optimizes the available space for the best outcomes. You’ll save energy and maintenance costs in the long run.

Nail the location

You’ve heard it before, home buyers! But it’s true – location is more important than you imagine. Besides accessibility and value, it also determines the sustainability of a property. Look for a house close to public transportation and other amenities so that you can limit the need to drive. 

Dig deep to know whether the developer did due diligence during Site Selection to ensure low impact. Think beyond the basics to nail the location. 

Prioritize sustainable building materials 

If you want to adopt a green lifestyle, the building materials should also be on your mind while selecting your dream home. Did you know they can make a big impact on the environment? Look for homes made with materials such as bamboo, reclaimed wood, and recycled steel. 

Also, ensure minimal use of toxic paints and polishes. Local sourcing is another factor that makes building materials more eco-friendly. 

Check for energy-efficient features

This one is a no-brainer, home buyers! Energy-efficient features such as optimal insulation, double-paned windows, and energy Star-rated appliances go a long way in making a home sustainable. 

They reduce your carbon footprint and save you loads of money on your utility bills. It’s a win-win even if you pay more for such a property.

Buy a solar home

Eco-Friendly House Hunting

You can take your energy savings to the next level by considering homes with solar panels. Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source that has lowered the carbon footprint and energy bills over the years. 

You may even get some valuable tax credits that reduce your tax bills. Not to mention, these properties grow in value over time. Could you ask for more?

What next!

Eco-friendly house hunting need not be rocket science, buyers! You can choose without working too hard. Consider these essential factors to pick wisely and unlock a green lifestyle. Happy shopping!

Eco-Friendly House Hunting- Tips for Finding Your Dream Green Home 1

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