Dos and don’ts of menstrual cups for first time users

So many women go with a menstrual cup, saying, ‘enough is enough for tampons and pads. Managing periods is a tough task, but despite using tampons and pads, women have many options during this tough time. Menstrual cups are reusable, flexible silicone cups that entirely fit into the vagina and collect blood rather than soaking it. A menstrual cup collects blood for 10 to 12 hours after every time you’ll empty it. For reuse, wash the cup with water and reuse it.

menstrual cups

You must wonder how it feels to use a cup instead of regular pads or tampons. So tighten your seat belts as your first menstrual cup experience will be fantastic, and you will not go back to old regular pads or tampons.

1. Purchase and Instruction manual

Making the ideal choice of cup is crucial. V-shaped cups are the greatest. V-shaped cups provide a perfect close end to the vagina and are easier to remove. You can try some comfortable and every-size cups on moxie menstrual cups.

Read the instructions on the box carefully before using the menstrual cup. We understand that this is obvious, but it is also obvious that many of us become so thrilled that we plunge in headfirst without understanding how to do it. You can also experiment with other cup folding methods to make the process simpler and more fluid. Use the cups according to the instructions, and read the label. Additionally, visit a doctor or gynaecologist if you experience uncomfortable circumstances while wearing or after wearing the cup.

2. Light up

Do not feel anxious. Maintain your composure as you proceed. Put the cups in with a calm attitude. To be prepared for your down days, you can also try it just before your periods. After placing the menstrual cup, move around to determine whether it is comfortable, and then take it out. Repack it after washing.

3. Hack

Here is a hack, always insert your cups when it is wet. You may also dampen the entrance of your vagina with a water based-lubricant or water. It makes the entrance of the vagina smoother and helps in inserting the menstrual cup into the vagina.

4. Get the angle right

Never insert the cup at a vertical or straight-up angle. The perfect angle for inserting the cup into the vagina is a 45-degree angle; it also helps in insertion. Also, aim it according to your spine. You can also insert it by sitting with your knees spread open. When to stop inserting the cup is another important question. You can stop inserting the end of the stem when the cup is no longer seen.

5. Let it pop

Leakage is the biggest issue during the period. To ensure no leakage in the cup, you must achieve a good suction seal around the vagina. Let the cup pop open and create a seal under the vagina.

For cross-checking, gently run a finger around the vaginal gap; if you feel any scrunched or flat surface at the end, it has not popped up properly. To make it perfect, try to rotate it 360 degrees. And if all this does not work, remove it and try again. You can try a few positions after donning the cup to ensure that there won’t be any leaks.

6. Trim the length

The stem of the menstrual cup is long, so to make it comfortable, you can cut it up. However, long stems can irritate the labia and the vagina, especially in women with low cervixes. To overcome this issue, trim the end of the length so that it will not be a problem. But do not trim the very end of the cup until you can remove the cup easily. Then, with time and usage period, you will use it perfectly.

7. Remove it correctly

Removing the menstrual cup could be a difficult task. Do not just pull the end of the cup. Instead, use the stem simply as per the instruction guide. If the cup is hard to reach, try putting some pressure so that it comes out of the vaginal canal. Additionally, if the vaginal region and cup are dry enough to remove, you can use tissues to moisten them with lubricant or water.

Wrapping up

The final tip is properly wrapping items before disposing of them in the garbage. Trust the process; these cups are incredibly comfy and last longer. If you occasionally replace it, you won’t believe it’s magic. Using menstruation cups, you can do everything, including sitting, swimming, jumping, riding, and jogging. Don’t stop and book your days as your date days. So if you’re a first-time user, go with these dos and don’ts of menstrual cups.

Dos and don'ts of menstrual cups for first time users 1

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