Divorce: making it as stress-free as is possible

It is a fact that it pays to be well informed when it comes to divorce. Ideally, it is better all round if it can be dealt with amicably ( i.e. outside of court) with the couple in question coming to an arrangement they can both agree on. This is especially true when there are children involved as it can cut down on the stress and emotional turmoil often experienced when going through a divorce.


However, warring factions and an inability to come to an agreement often result in divorcing couples ending up in court being represented by a good solicitor such as Simon Law. Either way going through a divorce can be a hugely stressful ordeal for everyone involved. Here are a few simple tips to help keep the stress levels to a minimum.

Employ a good solicitor

Whether going through the court or settling outside it is always advisable to employ a good family law solicitor. In the case of an amicable settlement, he or she will be needed to ensure everything is legal and binding. If the case does go to court the solicitor will act on your behalf, keeping you informed throughout the process. It is best to find a solicitor with expertise in this area such as Brookman Divorce Solicitors who specialise in divorce law.

Think rationally


When going through a divorce you may be overly emotional and making the right decisions may be difficult. By taking your time and thinking rationally, you can reduce the stress levels considerably; it also increases the chances of you and your partner coming to an amicable agreement. Make a decision that you will keep a cool head no matter what happens. This may be easier said than done but if you can manage it, the overall stress levels will decrease dramatically.

Agree with your spouse why you want a divorce

If you can both decide on the reasons for the divorce then things will be much simpler. Sending off divorce papers citing reasons that one the spouses involved does not agree to will make full co-operation very difficult. If the reasons are clear, understood and accepted by both parties then full co-operation is much more likely throughout the process.

Don’t involve the children


All couples want what is best for their children but sadly arguments involving them are all too common. It isn’t in anyone’s best interests that the children get caught in the crossfire. A good piece of advice is to focus on the one thing you both agree on – the happiness and well-being of your children, which should ultimately be the most sought-after outcome of any divorce.

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