Disguising the Wheelie Bins with Wheelie Bin Storage Direct

You can stick a whole sheet of stickers on a Wheelie Bin but those things are NEVER going to look pretty are they?

The problem with Wheelie Bins

In our old house, we had a back passageway to our garden which was where we stored our Wheelie Bins out of sight of the garden, the house and neighbours. It was perfect! But when we moved to our new build house we quickly realised that we had two choices, store the bins on the patio in the back garden which meant that we had to look at them all the time OR store them at the back of our drive and our neighbours would have to look at them.

Sorry Neighbours!!

Guess which option we went for? Sorry neighbours! Now, as a family of 6, we tend to generate a LOT of rubbish and this often means that by bin day, we have extra boxes and bags of rubbish in addition to our wheelie bins and I hate how it looked on our drive.

Wheelie Bin Storage Direct to the rescue

Wheelie Bin Storage

Then a few weeks ago, our Fairy Godmother granted us a wish and sent an email from Wheelie Bin Storage Direct asking if we would like to review one of their Double Wheelie Bin Stores. That was the point that I realised I was getting old because I actually got excited, so excited in fact that I sent the email straight to Hubby and you know what. He was so excited that he rang me to tell me, “we need to get out more”.

Building the Wheelie Bin Store

A few days later our Double Wheelie Bin Store arrived by pallet in the pouring rain so it had to sit on the drive for a couple of days until the sun came out. Building the Wheelie Bin Store was pretty straightforward (according to Hubby, what would I know?) although he did comment on how heavy it was. Well, you don’t want it blowing away now, do you!!

Wheelie Bin Storage

Personalise it!

At this point, we could have left the Wheelie Bin Store exactly as it was, but we have Cuprinol Natural Stone coloured fences so I wanted the Wheelie Bin Store to blend in with those. I began painting it and ran out of time to finish. For the next 2 weeks, it rained solidly and put pay to my idea of finishing the painting.

Loved by all

Well, now I am delighted to tell you that thanks to the recent spell of hot weather I have finally been able to finish painting the Wheelie Bin Store and I LOVE it!! Even better than that, our neighbours love it and even the company who cleans our Wheelie Bins has said that they love it too and have taken the website address so they can order one for themselves.

Easy access

Putting rubbish into the bins has never been easier since the lid has a chain which attaches to the bin lid to lift it at the same time and it even has a pole which means you can secure the lid open to place your rubbish in. We couldn’t do that when it wasn’t in the storage unit, you had to take your chances on getting your rubbish in before the lid fell down on your hand.

The Beans are on a rota for ‘bin duty’ and take it in turns at opening the front doors to remove the Wheelie Bins and wheeling them out to the front of the house (provided they aren’t too heavy) and putting them away again. We really couldn’t be happier with our new Wheelie Bin Store.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Wheelie Bin Store to review for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and yes I really am that excited to get those eyesores hidden away. I have not been instructed what to write.


2 thoughts on “Disguising the Wheelie Bins with Wheelie Bin Storage Direct”

  1. Yes! One of my pet hates is how ugly wheely bins look, and I can’t believe that new-build housing estates aren’t required to have somewhere to store them out of sight. Moving them out of the way has become part of my daily working life as a property photographer.

    • I completely get where you are coming from on this, new builds are only interested in whacking up as many houses as they can in the space they have, they aren’t worried about people actually living in them.

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