Cute Items That You Can Buy For Your Beloved Cat

If you are a cat lover, there will always be precious items marketed for your feline companion. Some are simply for looks, some are almost entirely useless, and some are incredibly functional. If you are looking to purchase items for your beloved cat, there are some great buys out there that are adorable, and your kitty will love them, while they also make your life as a cat parent easier.

Here are some great functional items overflowing with cuteness that you can purchase for your fur baby.

1. Cute Halloween Costumes

cat costume

With Halloween rapidly approaching, it is adorable to dress up with your pet. Cat costumes are available for almost every holiday, from Halloween to valentines day. Buying cat costumes is a great way to include your beloved cat in the festivities. If you are someone who takes the holidays seriously, decorates and dresses up yourself, then why not go the extra mile and find a cute or scary costume for your furry friend.

2. Water Circulators and Coolers

Cats can be fussy when it comes to drinking, especially still water. There are many cute cat water fountains available that circulate and cool their water. This helps offer your cat refreshing water that they will like to drink and aid in their hydration.

Also, many water fountains come with built-in water filtration, which can allow your cat to drink the healthiest and freshest water possible. Having a water fountain circulating and filtering your cat’s water source can lead to a healthier, happier cat, and they are adorable when drinking from them!

3. Cat Houses

beloved cat

While you may have a standard cat tree or bed for your cat, some adorable options are available that allow you to customize your home and your cat’s playland. From castles to tacos, cat houses come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. If your cat is the prince or princess of the house, why not get them a fantasy castle from which they can rule? Many alternatives fit in with the modern decor, such as cat pods and futuristic-looking cat bubbles that can be placed at varying heights on your wall.

Whether you are a fantastical designer or have a more modern edge, you can find cat houses that will fit in with any decor.

4. Incorporated Litter Boxes

Standard litter boxes are not the cutest item around. They can be tedious and nonfunctional and not a functional decor or well-fitted part of your home decor. But never fear, there are many ideas for adding some oomph to your kitty litter box.

Incorporating a cabinet with a cat door for access can be a great way to increase the design and functionality of your kitty’s litter box. Having the box contained in a cabinet also aids with cleaning, as much of the kitty litter that might be sprayed around will remain contained within the hidden portion of the cabinet. It also allows for the storage of your cat’s items, all in one tidy place. 

A hidden kitty litter box can be a great way to give your cat more privacy and keep your home fresher and more organized.

5. Cat Self Groomers

beloved cat

Especially useful for long-haired cats, self-groomers are a great item to have for your feline friend. Watch your kitty spend time rubbing on these groomers rather than rubbing or clawing on your furniture. Cats love to be touched and stimulated, but sometimes not by humans. These self-grooming devices come in many shapes and sizes, from full-sized massagers for your friend to smaller attachments that clip onto the corner of walls. Your kitty will be able to enjoy a nice scratch and massage whenever they so choose. The plastic construction makes for easy cleaning, and the kitty will love to be able to give himself a brush and a pet even when you are unavailable.

With so many items available online and in stores, you are sure to find many of the cutest things available for your fur baby. From costumes to toys to bridges to grooming items, there is no shortage of items that you can buy for your kitty to spoil them.

Fur babies are family, and your cat will be grateful for all the items you provide to increase their enjoyment and fun in life. Nothing is better than getting an adorable cat toy and seeing your friend enjoy hours of fun with it. From these suggestions to others available on the market, you are sure to find the cutest and most functional items available for your feline friend.

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