Creating a Safer Bathing Experience in the Home

When it comes to creating a space in your home that offers the option of safety and mobility for all, it’s important to plan out for everyone’s needs. Many homes are equipped with baths and showers already, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the most user-friendly options for people who are living in the home. 

When it comes to creating a bathroom in your home that offers mobility and safety features, incorporating walk in baths is key. 

Here are some of the biggest reasons that you’ll want to consider adding a walk in bath to your home to help with safety issues and more. 

Are walk in baths a good idea? 

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Baths that a person can walk into can create an option that they might not have had prior. Walk in baths are perfect for anyone who may have limited mobility or is looking for a safer and easier alternative than stepping in and out of a bathtub. 

Do walk in baths leak?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about having a walk in bath put into the home. People are worried that they’re going to have a leaking issue and a huge water mess in the bathroom.

But rest assured that walk in baths is made to withstand leak issues. They are created to have a watertight seal so that you don’t have to stress out anytime you want to take a bath. 

How long does it take to fill a walk-in bathtub?

This all just depends on the water pressure and how much water you’re planning on adding to the tub. A good timeframe to prepare for is 10-12 minutes of time. This could easily be longer if you’re adding in more water or shortened if you’re adding in less.

How do you fill a walk in bath with water?

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This is where it’s important to understand how a walk in tub works! It’s not the same as filling a regular tub with water because you actually have to be in the tub with the door closed while the tub is filling with water.

Once you decide to take a bath, you simply walk into the bathtub and then shut the door behind you. You can then take a seat and start filling the tub with water. This will just take a few minutes of time and you’ll be able to adjust the water temperature as needed. 

What are the pros of having a walk in tub?

Many people go back and forth on debating on getting a walk in tub or not. While there are pros and cons to all new additions and purchases, here are some of the positives about implementing a walk in bath into the house. 

It creates a space for everyone to use 

Instead of taking on the cost of adding a whole new bathroom in the house, you can simply add a walk in bath into your already created space. 

This is a great way to create an area in the bath that all can use and enjoy, without having to add the cost of adding an entirely new bathroom as well. Putting a walk in bath into your home can be a budget-friendly solution.

It can provide a safer experience while bathing 

Walk in baths have become a necessity for people who are needing a safer option than showers or regular tubs. Not only does a walk in bath means that there is no more need to step over a bigger bath tub wall or ledge to get inside but it also creates a great space that is large and easy to maneuver in as well. 

You control the depth as the water 

Truth be told, there isn’t anything in any rule books that says that you have to fill the walk in tub super full of water. Since you’re sitting in the water as you’re filling the tub, you get to have complete control of the water that you’re adding.

Ankle deep is an option, as is fuller. You can also add water easily if you decide that you want more water during the bath. The same goes for letting water out as well. 

If you’re deciding that you want to take a longer bath, adding more water into the tub to add more heat is a simple process, too. Since you’re in the tub with a lot of space to actively move around as needed, this creates a space that you can easily navigate to your liking.

The walk in tub will never be not needed

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The great thing about adding a walk in tub is that it’s great for ageing people. Some people get it and realize that as they’re getting older, having a walk in bath option is a great way for them to stay safe while cleaning their bodies. 

Walk in tubs are perfect for ageing individuals because it makes it easier for them to get in and out of the tubs in a safe manner. 

This is true because showers and regular tubs can be tricky for ageing individuals. A shower floor can be a fall hazard and climbing over the wall of a tub can be hard and hazardous as well. 

While you’re considering the pros and cons of using a walk in tub, it’s important to think long-term about what this change can mean for you. This could be the perfect opportunity to create a bath experience that provides the safety and comfort that you’re looking for.

This is also a great first step to preparing your home with safety features as you age. Being able to move forward with a plan to give yourself mobility options later in life is a great plan to make! Now all you need to do is make the first step to getting a walk in tub installed in your home and you’ll be enjoying your new choice asap! There’s nothing quite like a walk in bath after a long day! 

Creating a Safer Bathing Experience in the Home 1

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