Conversations with a 3 year old . . .

Mummy MattersSometimes you just have to wonder how the mind of a 3 year old actually works, well I do anyway – seriously have you tried having a conversation with them?

At the weekend as we were travelling home from holiday we rang Hubby’s parents so that Curly could tell them about his holiday before we dropped him back at his Mum’s house. Not to be missed out, Little Bean said that she wanted to talk to Grandad too but I hate to think what Grandad thought we’d been doing when this was the side of the conversation we heard:

LB: Hi Grandad!

LB: We’ve been on holiday, I had a great time.

LB: Bro held a crocodile and I got a purple snake. We saw Mildred but she squirted water and made me jump.

LB: I went on a snail and put my arms up but I was scared on the boat, it made my tummy hurt.

LB: I did dancing with an alien and Bro got flashing fingers.

What she actually meant was, yes Bro did hold a crocodile (we all did but more of that later in the week!). We bought her a purple cuddly snake when we visited a reptile house. We had a day at BeWILDerwood again so she got to see Mildred the Crocklebog but for some reason she didn’t like her this time, she said that she was too scary. When we went to the fair on the seafront in Great Yarmouth she had a ride on a Snail Rollercoaster and actually dared to put her arms in the air. When we went to Pleasurewood Hills she had a ride on a kiddie pirate ship but it made her feel sick and she didn’t like it. And in the evenings at the club she had lots of fun dancing and we bought her a flashing alien on a necklace and Bro fluorescent finger torches.

Today, I was on the receiving end of one of Little Bean’s conversations in the car, it was exhausting! See if you can follow this . . .

LB: I like cows Mummy, do you like cows? I like monkeys and gorillas too cos cows are my favourite colour.

Me: Really? What colour is that then, I thought you liked pink?

LB: I like grey cows. But I didn’t want to be a butterfly Mummy, I wanted to be a dog didn’t I?

Me: Erm?

LB: And who was that girl, she was a kitty wasn’t she Mummy?

Me: [suddenly twigs what she is talking about] Oh yes, you mean A don’t you sweetie.

LB: Yes that’s who I meant, I didn’t want to be a kitty I wanted to be a dog not a butterfly but I like cows, and iguanas and I like the little dragons.

Me: Ok yes.

LB: But where does P live?

Me: Near Nanny and Grandad.

LB: Do they live with Nanny and Grandad.

Me: No darling, they don’t know your Nanny and Grandad.

LB: [thinks for a few minutes] well there’s Nanny, she’s my Nanny and then there’s Grandad, he’s my Grandad. Do they know them now?

Me: No sweetheart.

LB: But why do we live with Nanny and Grandad Mummy?

Me: We don’t live with Nanny and Grandad, we just live with Daddy, Bro and Beanie Boy.

LB: No we live with Nanny and Grandad too where Daddy lives.

Me: [confused now] LB do you ever stop for breath?

LB: Yeah I like breath and monkeys like breath too don’t they Mummy.

Me: Do you think perhaps you could just chill now sweetheart?

LB: No because I chill on the sofa and it’s not a long way.

Me: It feels like a long way today.

LB: But its not a long way Mummy.

Me: It feels like it because you haven’t stopped talking.

LB: But I like talking!

Me: Really!?!?!

I love my girl to pieces but blimey she wears me out some days!

2 thoughts on “Conversations with a 3 year old . . .”

  1. I understand 3 years minds are odd!! Jen tonight.

    “oh mummy I love cheese. And its dark so the moon is out, *gestures to imply grabbing the moon* Yummy”
    Me “do you like the new Wallace and gromit dvd then?” “yup mummy. And pigs do!”
    “pigs do what jen?”
    “they do like cheese, for thier breakfast, from off the grass, with pasta, and meatballs and ‘matoe ketchup.”
    So confussed!

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