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Chinese takeaways are one of the leading fast food choices of families in the UK. Packed full of fat and salt, this tempting takeaway can soon start to pile on the pounds as well as increase your cholesterol levels.

Stir Fry
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However, by cooking Chinese-inspired dishes at home you could drastically reduce the amount of fat, salt and calories. There are quick, easy and flavourful Chinese meals you can try out and you’ll find great tips below.

Chinese food can be healthy

Did you know that the Chinese diet is a lot healthier than many Western foods? The Independent has reported how Chinese food could be answer to the western obesity problem.

However, when you focus on authentic Chinese cooking, it isn’t all deep fried, heavy rice dishes. The actual Chinese diet consists of plenty of vegetables, not counting calories and eating until you’re full.

There are many health benefits that come from an actual Chinese diet so it makes sense to start adding these Chinese dishes to your family’s menu.

Focus on stir fries

One of the quickest and easiest Chinese meals you can cook for the family is a stir fry. This is perhaps one of the most underrated dishes in the UK. Not only can stir fries be extremely tasty, but they’re also really simple to cook and they can be satisfying and healthy. Include plenty of fresh vegetables, a little oil, lean meat or fish, as well as plenty of and herbs and spices.

Make use of the ‘power 3’ ingredients

There are three ingredients that feature heavily in Chinese dishes. These are: ginger, chilli and garlic. Not only are they packed full of flavour, but they also have many great health benefits, so they will really help to boost your immune system as well as help you create delicious meals.

Include dried ingredients

Dried ingredients such as clams, mushrooms and other herbs and spices are great for adding deep flavours to food. The Chinese use a lot of dried ingredients to eliminate the need for MSG.

Fried Tofu
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Delicious tofu

Tofu is pretty easy to get hold of in supermarkets. It’s a widely used ingredient in traditional Chinese cooking and it’s really filling as well as healthy. Created from soya beans, it contains a high level of calcium and protein.

Overall, cooking traditional Chinese dishes is simpler than you think. Your family will love these healthy, tasty recipes. Why not try out a new Chinese dish every week? You might just be surprised by how easy they are to cook and most importantly, how fast they are to cook!

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