Have You Broken Your Retainers? Here’s What to Do Next

So you are done with your braces treatment and are on retainers now? That’s great!

However, you might be anxious about the discomfort of retainers. You should understand that this aftercare is mandatory to make your braces treatment a success!

Broken Your Retainers
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It is important to regularly wear your retainers and essential that you take good care of your retainers. Let us shed some light on their purpose and what to do if you have broken your retainers.

Why you need retainers

Retainers are devices prescribed by a dentist after your orthodontic treatment. They hold your teeth and jaw in the required shape of bite.

Different types of retainers are available nowadays. There is a fixed retainer or permanent retainer and removable retainer. Orthodontists can prescribe you either of them. You can seek dental expertise from the dentist in williamsburg for an oral examination to determine the next suitable dental procedure.

What to do in case you break them?

Temporary retainers can be removed before eating. You can put them on afterwards. So, there is rarely any chance of breaking them. There is not much to worry about if you break the removable retainer. You can always get another one from your orthodontist.

If you’re required to wear a fixed retainer, you must be careful with them and take good care of them so they don’t break. As if they are broken, you need to go to a professional to get them removed.

Follow the steps as mentioned below if you suspect that you have a broken retainer.

  1. Get your retainers examined by your family with a flashlight to check if they are really broken.
  2. If they are broken, check the extent of the damage. If it is not much, then you can still use them in a limited capacity.
  3. Suppose the damage is intensive. You need to call your orthodontist immediately. Otherwise, your teeth can be in deep trouble! They can shift their placement again, which was fixed by the braces.
  4. Purchase a mouthguard and use it until you get to the dentist. It will prevent the shifting of teeth or any possible injury.
  5. Do not eat hard or sticky food if you have a broken retainer. Wait for them to get removed and you to get another set of retainers.
  6. If your broken retainer has injured your jaw, you might locate sore spots in your mouth. Clean them with warm saltwater. You can also use any anti-bacterial mouthwash as well.

How to clean and take care of your retainers?

Removable or Temporary Retainers

Could you keep them in a case? Please don’t keep them open or loosely in your pocket. They might break. If they catch any bacteria in the open, it will be dangerous for your teeth and dental health. Therefore, always clean them before and after wearing them. It will help to soak it twice a day in denture cleaner or Listerine.

Fixed Retainer

Brush properly twice. While brushing, pay attention to the back of your teeth. Use a gentle brush and anti-bacterial toothpaste.

Your broken retainer leaves your teeth vulnerable. Therefore taking action immediately is vital. Whether you have a Permanent retainer or temporary ones, take good care of them. Retainers are the last stage of your orthodontics treatment. You should make sure that you do not mess up at the end.

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