Book Review: The Teenage Girls Survival Bible

Ahh the teenage years, hands up all those who remember their teenage years with fondness?  Let’s face it, they weren’t always easy, were they? On the one hand, our bodies were changing (and not necessarily at the same time as our friends’ did), we thought we were adults from the age of 10 and we fell in and out of love daily.  Some of us were lucky and had amazing parents we could turn to and discuss absolutely everything with, but others had parents who didn’t know how to discuss such things because they felt uncomfortable or for many other reasons.

Jane Bradley to the rescue

The Teenage Girls Survival Bible

I certainly don’t remember ‘teen survival’ books being around when I was a teen but as I said, I was able to ask my Mum pretty much anything.  Jane Bradley, a make-up artist to the stars, has come to the rescue of the modern teenage girl with [easyazon_link identifier=”1789014468″ locale=”UK” tag=”mummmatt-21″]The Teenage Girls Survival Bible[/easyazon_link].  This is the must-have manual to help you navigate the tricky teenage years with the very best of tips, tricks, hacks and information.

What will you learn from The Teenage Girls Survival Bible?

Being Streetwise

As a parent, Jane hit the nail right on the head in her first chapter.  Of course, I want Lillie (and the boys) to be able to go out and have an amazing time when they are old enough BUT my biggest fear will be around their safety.  I want to know that when I wave them goodbye, they will be home safe and sound in a few hours.

Here, Jane lists all of the essentials that you should NEVER leave home without; house keys, mobile phone (fully charged), money (and emergency money with parents phone number on a separate piece of paper).  She also advises what NOT to have in your bag; your address!  If your bag gets stolen with your keys in it and your address, the thief is onto a winning streak! There is also sound advice on not leaving your drink unattended, what to do if you’re invited to go somewhere alone with a boy, making pacts with your friends to always go home together at the end of the night and never getting into an unlicensed minicab or car.

Teen Body Talk

The Teenage Girls Survival Bible

Some teens are blessed with an easy time, they get the clear skin, the beautiful bouncy hair and dare I say it, the great boobs.  Some are not.  Sadly, acne and puppy fat are all part of puberty but being a beauty guru Jane has some great tips on how to care for your skin and how to apply makeup to hide those blemishes.

Next up it’s to de-fuzz or to let it grow?  I was always a fan of the de-fuzzing but it went a bit too far when I attempted to pluck my eyebrows for the first time and nearly took them right off whilst trying to even them out.  We do learn from our mistakes! Jane breaks it down into which de-fuzzing techniques do what, what to expect and how long they will last.   This section will also give you the low-down on lighting up the room with your smile, implants, fillers and how to master the perfect posture.

Periods, Pregnancy and STD’s

Even just typing this title fills me with nerves but the reality is that teens do have sex which means that pregnancy and STD’s are a possibility.  This section of the book tells teens what to expect from their periods, what to do if they think they might be pregnant or have an STD and how their hormones might affect them.

Beauty 101

Who better to get tips from than a beautician for the stars? I still remember the first time that I applied makeup and looked like coco the clown! Jane gives you the lowdown on how to prep your skin, the difference between tinted moisturisers, BB’s and CC’s (finally I know what they are), foundation and concealer as well as how to contour and highlighting (I’m using this section myself).

Clothes, Lingerie and Laundry

Here you will get the lowdown on how to choose clothes to flatter your figure and to suit your hair colour and skin tone. Choosing the right shoes for your leg length and the all-important clothes to avoid, how to find the perfect bra and the all-important ‘never lend your favourite clothes to your friend’ – if she ruins them it could ruin your friendship!!!

Love – it’s inevitable

The Teenage Girls Survival Bible

At some point in those teen years (or even before) love will become a factor.  Jane gets right down to it by telling you, stop trying to fathom out how a boy thinks because it won’t be the same way as you.  She tells you what boys do and don’t like and what to do if you’ve been dumped (or you’re planning to dump).

Sex – yep, it’s in there too! It’s not a manual but the book gives you advice on when to know the time is right when no means no and only yes means yes.  Heck, the book even covers porn and is a firm reminder that porn is only pretending, it’s NOT reality.

Parents, Housemates, Friends and Bullies

This isn’t a section on how to avoid your parents or to get one over on them but how to see things from their perspective.  Yes us parents have been there before, we have survived the teenage years, sometimes with a scar or two and more often a tale or twenty or more.

Learn about managing friendships, how to be a good housemate and how to handle bullies.

Finally, It’s All About YOU!

The Teenage Girls Survival Bible

Often a teen’s biggest demons are those within herself.  This section will remind you not to compare yourself to others, to believe in yourself and don’t be fooled by the ‘perfect people’ on social media – we all have an off day! The most important lesson of all is the one which is saved until last – RESPECT YOURSELF!  If you don’t respect yourself, why should anyone else?

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