What are the Best Teeth Straightening Options for Teenagers and Young Adults?

It has been estimated that around 40% of people in the UK are unsatisfied with how their teeth look. You may have noticed that your child had a slight misalignment when they were younger but did not give too much attention to teeth straightening options.

These issues can exacerbate later in life, and the teenage years are a tough time to deal with misaligned teeth. Others may start noticing these issues when they’re in their late teens. This is when you should start looking at different options if you wanted to help them and were considering footing the bill. Let’s take a look at some of the best teeth straightening options for young adults.

Clear Aligners

What are the Best Teeth Straightening Options for Teenagers and Young Adults?
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Clear aligners or Invisalign, is a great option for teenagers and young adults for various reasons. These are usually not recommended for younger children since their teeth are still developing, but clear aligners become a possible solution by the time they reach their teens.

Their biggest advantage is how discreet and convenient they are. They are virtually invisible to most. Only people who know them personally might be able to see them, and that’s only if they pay close attention. They have very few restrictions as far as food goes, but they require special maintenance, so you have to make sure that they are disciplined enough to take them out before each meal and clean them before putting them back on, or it could lead to other issues. You can read up on a PlusDent review to see the pros and cons of wearing clear aligners.

The other major benefit of these is the price. If you want to see how those compare in terms of price with other options, we suggest you check out straightmyteeth.com. They have an article that runs down all the different types of teeth straightening options and braces cost in the UK. Not only will you learn brace cost in the UK, but some of the pros and cons of each option as well.

Metal Braces

Metal braces at the next most common option. If your child is older than 18, you will have to be ready to pay the price as these are much more expensive than clear aligners. One thing, however, is that they can deal with a wider variety of cases.

For very severe cases, clear aligners are not always the best choice. Metal braces are much more robust and can deal with severe malocclusion issues. However, they require some special care which is where Kiln Lane Dental, a patient-focused practice is ideal. Metal braces may be limiting, which can be frustrating for a teenager. They also aren’t very discreet, though models have improved over the years.


What are the Best Teeth Straightening Options for Teenagers and Young Adults?
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Another thing you could consider for a teenager or young adult is veneers. These will only work if the issue is minor, but it’s also the least expensive, and you’ll get results almost instantly. Veneers will be positioned over teeth and arranged in a way to make teeth straighter.

These are all great options if you have a teenager or young adult dealing with teeth alignment problems. Ensure that you consider them all in detail and get them involved so you can get their input. It’s highly recommended to seek dental expertise from the cosmetic dentist in alhambra for which procedure would be best for you.

What are the Best Teeth Straightening Options for Teenagers and Young Adults? 1

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