Best Rental Websites You Need To Know About In The UK

Finding a trustworthy website for yourself and wanting to rent a home can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look or you’ve had no prior experience. There are so many different ones to look at and many different reviews from a variety of people. It all gets a bit overwhelming!

If you’re someone whos struggling and needs that extra helping hand, then continue reading this article to learn more about the best rental websites in the UK.

What Is The Best Website To Find A Rental In The UK?

Best Rental Websites You Need To Know About In The UK 1

There are a lot of websites that feature different rentals in the UK, Oasis Living, but finding the best one that advertises everything in a single spot without having to frantically look for more information or how to contact the landlord, can be more than ideal.

Here are some of the potential websites for you to choose from and use that are the best for finding rentals in the UK. They are rated from most recommended to least.

1. Oasis Living

Oasis living is our more recommended website to use for rental searching in the UK. They are a team of professionals with lots of connections to get landlords and tenants in the right hands and where they need to be. 

They use a lot of smart tech solutions to speed up the property letting process with landlords and improve the viewing process for possible clients and tenants. They are the most reliable and respectable team you’ll ever be able to find.

2. Gumtree

Being a global online marketplace for over 20 years, gumtree is like the Facebook Marketplace, which is also recommended but allows for more vast offers. You’re able to have direct and proper communication as either a tenant or landlord and enquire more about viewings or other related details. 

3. Airbnb

Another popular online marketplace deals in homestays and travel experiences for accommodation on a short-term process. The company basically charges a commission from each booking done by a client to the landlord and is paid through those means. 

Is It Expensive To Rent From Websites In The UK?

property rental

The best part about rental websites for the UK, like Oasis Living, is they’re super straightforward and easy to navigate, especially when you’re using the recommended sites that were listed above in the article. 

Rental websites in the UK don’t actually often require you to pay them to help you find a property to live in. They do, however, charge landlords for their services when finding tenants for them and their properties

Typical rent for monthly tenants in London rounds about £1,832, but that can change depending on the size of the rental, the location, and how many bedrooms and bathrooms the rental ultimately has. 

For landlords, the typical charge from websites can vary but averages around £900. This, however, is only if you’re trying to find tenants. There are other options to include in your service requests, but those come with additional charges. 

These additional services can include, but are not limited to, things like CO2 alarm installation, Additional Property inspections, risk assessment, and smoke alarm installations.

How Do I Find The Best Rental Website In The UK?

Luckily for you, this article has found all the best rental websites in the UK for you, as mentioned previously. They’re all well-listed and describe what you need to know, but what if you want to do the search on your own? What are you supposed to look up to ensure you’re getting professional assistance?

Figuring out what your basic and prominent needs are is important to ensure that you get the best outcome of your renting experience. Do you have a large family that needs to have three or more bedrooms? Do you have a pet or dog that needs a backyard? Rental websites in the UK should contain this information for you to filter and choose from.

Decide on a realistic budget for you and or your family, and how much you can realistically afford either long or short term. Websites that cater to renting in the UK ensure that prices are clearly marked and talked about when tenants are looking for a place to rent from landlords. If you’re able to, put down your best possible offer as well, as sites often give you that option.

Final Thoughts 

There are a lot of great rental websites in the UK to use when trying to find the right property or right tenant for you. The website’s and team’s job is to make your life easier in your search while providing additional services to you if needed.

Best Rental Websites You Need To Know About In The UK 2

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