Best Holiday Destinations in the United States

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In this post, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top Christmas destinations in the USA. We are confident that your Christmas trip to any of these locations will be worthwhile, whether you are travelling alone, with a significant other, or with your family.

New York City, New York

Best Holiday Destinations

Christmas in New York is arguably the most recognizable time of year. The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza, where you can also ice skate, is a must-see, then explore Fifth Avenue’s stunning window decorations for Christmas.

North Pole, Alaska

It turns out that you may fulfil the childhood fantasy of visiting Santa Claus at the North Pole! The “Santa Claus House” can be found in this picturesque Alaskan hamlet, where you can also walk down Santa Claus Lane, witness real reindeer, and be amazed by the biggest Santa statue in the world. What could possible manner of celebrating Christmas be better?

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is one of the most significant locations to travel around Christmas in the USA, given the abundance of holiday shopping opportunities, seasonal displays, art deco architecture, and international eateries. Choosing a hotel near restaurants in Asheville can enhance your experience, allowing easy access to the city’s culinary delights alongside its festive attractions.

Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish’s Whitefish Christmas Stroll marks the beginning of the holiday season there. During this unique event, there is a lot of singing, bell-ringing, and other activities that evoke the holiday spirit. You can observe snow falling on the Big Mountains’ slopes from the streets; it’s the ideal place for skiing.

Key West, Florida

Best Holiday Destinations

Are you looking for a brand-new, distinctive location to celebrate Christmas? Consider spending your American Christmas vacation in Key West. In December, Key West’s temperature rises to 76°F, making it the ideal time of year for diving and swimming. This location offers some of the greatest mild winter vacations in the US. In Key West, you may exchange the cold, snowy weather for balmy weather and the conventional Christmas tree with festive palm trees.

Williamsburg, Virginia

Christmas vacation is a popular time of year in Williamsburg. There are several unique Christmas activities, and its historic centre is usually festively decked. Williamsburg is one of the greatest places to visit around Christmas in the United States because of the abundance of holiday concerts and performances that take place across the city.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of the greatest destinations to travel to around Christmas in the USA because it understands how to put on a show. You name it—there are lights, foods, celebrations, marketplaces, etc. If you’re visiting San Francisco for Christmas, start your day by exploring the local areas’ unique foods and seasonal events.

Washington DC

Not all of the city’s attractions are museums and monuments. Expect extravagant decorations, mind-blowing performances, and unusual foods and beverages while spending your Christmas holiday in Washington. Here, the National Christmas Tree and the tree within the Library of Congress are two magnificent Christmas trees. The first receives widespread TV coverage, and both are amazing. Washington, DC, is a destination worth going to since many bars and restaurants pique your interest.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Not sure where to go for Christmas? Well, Jackson Hole is truly a winter paradise. Skiing, sleigh rides, and snow play are among the many winter activities available here. In this town, there are three or four ski areas, and each has breathtaking beauty. You may go to events and concerts in addition to skiing.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park’s breathtaking mountain landscape is sufficient justification for travelling to this city around Christmastime. In one of the several ski resort locations, visitors like to snowboard, ski, and have a snowshoeing adventure. Numerous events, including moonlit strolls, storytelling, learning about animals, and even movie sessions, take place throughout the week leading up to Christmas. There is more, though. If the mountains don’t interest you, there are plenty of other things to do in the Rocky Mountains.

Boston, Massachusetts

No, we’re not kidding. Boston is the ideal destination for American Christmas vacations! Christmas in Boston would be enjoyable whether you were there for the snowy scenery, the holiday performances, or the winter markets.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is, without a doubt, the top Christmas vacation destination in California. Santa Monica and Venice in California both have lovely beaches, and the weather is ideal for going to the beach. You want to ensure that your Christmas away from home is wonderful, worthwhile of the journey, and full of all the enjoyable things you won’t soon forget.

The locales mentioned above are some of the top Christmas vacation spots in the USA for an enjoyable holiday. Additionally, you’re bound to feel festive after seeing all these lovely spots! So prepare for a wonderful Christmas season by packing your luggage! We sincerely hope you enjoy yourself! Happy Holidays!

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