Beanie Boy is 5 years old!

This time 5 years ago, I was cradling my first newborn baby boy and staring in wonderment at how much love I felt for this little man who had been growing in my tummy for the past 9 months. Beanie Boy was a breeze of a baby, my whole pregnancy with him had been easy going and he took to breastfeeding without too many problems.

birthday boy

Beanie Boy has grown from a cute and cuddly baby boy into an amazing little boy who is now 5 years old!!! Time flies so fast!!!! He is very intuitive, he feels peoples emotions and gives cuddles right when they are needed. He is very loving and caring, he doesn’t like to see other children being hurt or upset by others. Beanie Boy has always had a great sense of humour, he has one of those infectious giggles and generally ends up with hiccups when he laughs for too long.

This Summer he has developed quite the knack of winding people up for his own amusement, of course when I say people, I mean his siblings which in turn winds me and Daddy up because we have to intervene when the backlash of his winding up gets too much!!!

Yesterday, Beanie Boy celebrated his birthday with family and a few school friends at a Bowling Party. He had lots of fun and received the most perfect presents, there wasn’t one thing which he didn’t love. Today, he was at school and had a great day, he said that his class sang happy birthday to him and he was given a birthday sticker to wear AND to choose a gift from the birthday box. In return he took treats for his friends to enjoy and celebrate with him. This evening we had a family birthday tea followed by more cake and even more presents. He’s a massive Superhero fan and I think there is barely a Superhero we don’t actually have in our house now. He was over the moon with all his presents, although he did seem to open them at a rate of knots!!!

For his final ‘birthday surprise’ Daddy and I popped a couple of light up balloons in his bedroom which he thought was magical. So as his first day as a 5 year old draws to a close, I say Happy Birthday to my gorgeous little man once more. I love you to infinity and beyond xxxx

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